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"Everyone will answer it differently."

Translation:Jeder wird es anders beantworten.

March 2, 2013



I think "unterschiedlich" should be an acceptable translation of differently here.


Is "Alle werden anders antworten" a wrong translation of "Everyone will answer it differently."?


I don't know if it's actually wrong, but it has a different notion.

Jeder is 'each and everyone', so each one you might ask will give you a different answer. Alle is more like a homogeneous mass, I'm not sure how they are supposed to give different answers. Jeder is much better here.

'antworten' vs. 'es beantworten' is, in my opinion, mostly a matter of taste and context.


Thanks... maybe your reply won't help me here in Duolingo, but in real life, and that's far way better. :)


I wrote "Alle werden es anders beantworten" and got it right. So I guess you missed the "es" and the "be"...


Please, what is the difference between "Jeder wird antworten" and "Jeder wird beantworten"?


I think that when you answer a question, it's "beantworten," but when you answer a PERSON, it's "antworten." Can I get an amen from a native German speaker?


same question here...

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