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Problem: I can no longer see the sentence versions in Immersion

I use Duolingo in Safari on an iPad (NOT the app version). When I click on a sentence in Immersion and click the arrow to see the previous versions for that sentence, it now only shows me the username for each previous version, but NOT the actual sentence translation. (didn't use to have this problem)

I can refresh the webpage, click on a sentence and see the sentence versions, but this only works for ONE sentence. To see the next sentence, I have to refresh the page - again - to see the sentence versions. BUT this only works for the first sentence and I have to refresh AGAIN! Quite aggravating!

I tried completely closing Safari and re-opening the Safari app, but it did not help.

Please help! Any ideas?

March 19, 2014



It happens on my iPad too. I figured it was just an issue with the iPad/browser since Duolingo probably wasn't designed to be used in the iPad browser. Other people have had the same issue, but there doesn't seem to be a solution yet.



Thanks!! DL worked just fine with the iPad browser until last week. I think it may be connected to my recent upgrade to iOS7.

Maybe they will fix Duolingo so it works with iOS7 or update the iPad app so you can use it with Immersion!!!

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