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My Duolingo Story

I posted this here, but in case you didn't read it, I moved it here. (No editing this time.)

I have been here five months, and my experience has grown, along with the story behind it. I have told versions of this story, and it has grown since I last told it. Here is my (full, unedited) Duolingo story:

I came here on January 18, 2017, because of my grade in French. I wanted to increase it, but if I couldn't, I would still be able to get a 3.83 GPA before high school. I started here, expecting a long, tedious process, but instead, found an interesting way to learn, which I believe has helped me a lot. I went right to work, and found out what I knew, and what I thought I knew. French was my first language (Other than English), and it still is today.

I found that for 5 minutes a day, I could practice French, and learn quite a lot. But I wasn't getting anywhere. I managed an 88 in French at the end of the first semester, which was a huge improvement. I decided to branch out, and started German. My choice was partially influenced by the culture, but my uncle had also learned it, and he had loved it. And so I tried German, and fell in love with it. Now I had two languages, both of which I knew a little about.

I decided to learn another language. French and German were (kind of) easy, so I tried Norwegian. I instantly learned how interestingly beautiful and complex it was, and kept working on it. The reason I chose Norwegian was because of my heritage; my great-grandmother moved here from Norway. I was so interested, I forgot to practice French and German for a while.

Months passed, and I became depressed from lack of interest in my classes. I lived in Norfolk, but moved to Chesapeake this year. I used to go camping once a month, for a solid weekend, and it was my passion. It was as though my real home was the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Norfolk was my second home. Now, I haven't camped in over 6 months, and I truly needed something to fill that hole in my life, even if only temporarily. Duolingo is what kept me going. I still yearn to go to the mountains (Hence a previous username, MountainPolyglot), but I feel this has helped.

My fourth language I only started two weeks ago. This time, my choice was provoked by the unit we worked on in History: the Cold War. I commenced work on Russian, and simply adored it. The alphabet is tricky, but for anyone who's up for it, I'd suggest it. Unlike other languages that start with the 'Basics 1' unit, this started with 'Alphabet', which helped me a ton.

While things have been hard, I relied on two things to give me strength: my friends, and Duolingo. Thank you, Duolingo Team, for all you've done for us, the users. And another thank you, for helping me realize that life has a purpose. We just need to find it. As for my current username, I won't reveal the reason behind it for a while. Kudos to all of you!


May 16, 2017



Very nice story FP! I can tell you put a lot of thought into it. You are definitely a 'deep thinker'. I can also deduct that you are very smart based on your interest in languages and your heritage. Best wishes on your language journey and your life journey.


Merci! I don't know about the third statement, but I felt like telling you guys without editing the truth.


amzing story my whole family is spanish but me thats why im here i hope you do well in french.

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