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A Call for Community

During the last 24 hours, give or take, there have been what the Duolingo Status page benignly terms incidents. Understandably, a lot of people freaked out. These people who panicked each posted a discussion about how they couldn’t access something or something wasn’t working. Whatever. We all had the same problem.

Now, I know that probably most of you who will bother to read this already know what I’m about to say, but I’m just going to go ahead and say it anyway.

If you all freak out like a flock of stupid geese and run around in circles metaphorically squawking and making those annoying goose patties, (posting the same thing about the same issue with the same not-so-unique-anymore touch of about a million exclamation marks), you’re just making everyone else leave the forums because they can’t access anything actually useful. Which makes our community, or what little of it is left after the activity streams were removed, not a community, as well as making it less likely that anyone is going to look at your exclamation point pocked two sentences.

So, here’s my proposition. You can take it or leave it. When something like this happens, someone will make a post. It always happens. Those of you who come after are not blind. You can comment on their post instead of making a flock of clones and cluttering the forum with your bushels of shocked exclamation marks and frightened emoticons. The community can gather together on one post and people can put their two sentences in there instead of driving the rest of us crazy.

If the community can gather together that way, then maybe we can be some semblance of what we were before the system went haywire.

NOTE: If anyone is offended by my choice of language, I'm sorry. However, if anyone is upset by the ideas that those words contain, I am not sorry.

May 16, 2017



Don't you understand I am the most important person in my mind. Good luck you are right but I don't see it working


You are right of course but I don't see it happening. The evidence is not very far: a lot of spam, a lot of threads where the OP doesn't bother to explain themselves but somehow expect everyone to pitch in to help, and a lot of messages where the OP didn't even bother looking around for an answer. (Guilty of the latter :) )


It was more to blow off steam than anything else...I didn't really see anyone reading this and listening when I wrote it. People all do their own thing, myself included :D


When people can't access parts of the site... they can't easily see all the discussions either. Even if they had the forethought to check for other posts (which obviously they should have, but as you allude to, the kinds of people who lack that level of executive function probably won't have waded through your message either), they might well not have enough functional access time to find them, or get them to open.

If you're frustrated by too much junk in the forums, take an excursion to the Spanish or Portuguese main forums and see just how irrelevant everything is every — single — day.


I follow the Spanish forum. Today, someone asked for someone to practice with, and literally three minutes later, anyone want to practice English with me?


i wonder why that is though. the top all time tab of the spanish forum shows there used to be genuine & interesting discussions there too. what happened? i remember feeling super disappointed when i realized it has now turned into too much of a mess to provide good reading and writing practice for my rusty spanish.


I suppose the top all time tab reflects a few happy exceptions to a longstanding state of affairs. The discussion boards I'm sure are used by only a tiny slice of total users, who also tend to be the most enthusiastic language hobbyist types. Among native Spanish speakers, those kinds of folks likely have a reasonable grasp of English, so the extremely English-learning centric aspect of the main forum probably isn't too interesting, while the English language one beckons.

You'd think more of the tens of millions of Spanish learners would dip their toe in for practice, but it's a lot less intimidating I suppose to join a discussion than to start one.


i am french but have never used the french forum so i guess it makes sense that native spanish speakers would be here as well rather than over on their own forum. english being the lingua franca of the internet does have its drawbacks in terms of diversity.


Your choice of language was perfect. I laughed out loud.

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