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I've been locked out of my account! My old account name is langis.

There is another thing too: I locked it because I was trying to reset my account, and perhaps someone could help me here:

Is it possible to completely reset your progress in a language? I tried to test out out of Spanish, but lost points on fickle things like translating "picture" as "imagen" instead of "foto", and now the option to test out is gone even though I know that my fluency is well above the last diagnostic test. If I can't test out, then I certainly won't go back to the middle levels to regain all things that I know, and Spanish is useless to me :/

March 2, 2013



Another silly thing: in this new account I just created, the Spanish Level 3 test is ALSO deactivated, even though I haven't even taken it on this account yet. That's kind of lame.


Haaaalp me I somehow was allowed to create two of my accounts using the same email and one of them sucked with progress but the other one was 48% fluent in German but when I try log on using the username and password 4 my good account it says nuh u can't du that cos ur password or username is wrooong so when I use my email it takes me too this sucky one so I thought deactivating this account would work but it did not and it made things worse like disabling the bots and not being able to join or create clubs so I really want to find out how to reactive my account and find a way to be able to merge both of them or something like that and the reason why I made so many accounts is because I kept on forgetting both the username and password and then finally I got one that is easy to remember and I recon the reason all this bad stuff happened and why it let me make two accounts using the same email is because one of them I created on an iPad and the other one I created on the computer and the bad account was created on the computer and the good one was created on the iPad my bad account user name is Troll and the name of my good account is MLG sweg or something like that I would like my accounts merged and reactivate my troll account if u can plis help me and give lingots to me cos I only have 3!!!! If I give you lingots then plis give me lingots baaaaack!!!


So, to reset your password click on 'forgot password?' in the upper right of the screen. Enter the email you signed up with, and you'll see an email in your inbox with a password reset link. You can't reset your progress. You'll need to go through the lessons if you've already lost all the test out tries. You have to test out of the first two levels before you test out of the third - is that what you're trying to do?


Kriistine - the reset password doesn't work because my account is deactivated. I also want to test out of the third level, which it allows you to do except doesn't take good account for those who already are fluent/literate in a regional dialect. are you a duolingo employee?


Is my account messed up ?


I have deactivated my account, it was by mistake, how could I reactivate it? My username is jnjegz


You can log in into the account again as long as you remember the email address(or username) and password you used to create your account.


I don't seem to be able to open My lessons; I am Rita Brungs. My E-mail : brungs@ualberta.ca

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