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"Discuss Sentence" button no longer functions.

It may be a coincidence that Windows did an update (again) recently, but in any case, the ability to open a daughter window when clicking on the "Discuss sentence" button during exercises no longer does anything. this feature is very useful. Is there anything that can be done about this problem from the DuoLingo side or is it something native to my operating system?

May 17, 2017



Yes, I also remarked it yesterday after a question, where no discussion was available yet and I wanted to ask something. But then I tried this button after a question, where a discussion was already available and the button works. Bu anywhere there seem to be a new additional problem, at least when you use Firefox.


It hardly ever works and I've reported it many times. If you google about it. Many people have reported about it and they've never bothered to fix it.


Im having the same problem on an iMac


I'm having the same issue (Windows 10/Google Chrome)


Maybe you are now on Duolingo's new web version?
In Duolingo's new web version, the sentence discussion opens in a new window. So you have to disable the pop-up blocker of your browser.

This is the link to what I see in my browser, Firefox for Linux

My ad-blockers don't cause any trouble (AdBlock plus and Ghostery)

Here is the link to a discussion about the same problem
""Discuss sentence" no longer working on Safari / OSX"


Yes, I am on the new web version since some weeks now - sadly. Thank you for your tipps, but in my case the pop ups worked in the past and are working actually, as I am able to open an existing discussion. But on a question, where is still no discussion, the button doesn't work.


Maybe your problem is similar to the problem is this discussion?
"Problems with some of the buttons"


Yes, it seems to be, thank you!


Pentaan, yes you are correct! the discuss sentence is however not a popup, but Chrome treats it as a pop up, which it blocks. Unblocking pop ups causes Chrome to open a new tab now, instead of a popup on the single active tab. Thanks for explaining. Now I can view the discuss sentence.

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