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Setting up a classroom for learners from different language backgrounds - any solutions?

I am teaching English to a students from a variety of different language backgrounds, e.g. English for Turkish speakers, Italian speakers, Ukranian speakers etc. Currently I have set up multiple classrooms - is there any way I can merge these classrooms and still retain the different languages? I know there is a merge button, but I think the classroom you merge into overrides the language settings - is this correct? Many thanks! Liz

May 17, 2017



Yes, this is easily done. Simply set your classroom to "no specific language". Then you'll be able to see your students' progress in all of their language courses. The only disadvantage is that you won't be able to set skill assignments any more.


I don't think I have seen the question before so maybe a little test will help. You can set up two fake Student and one teacher açcount and try it.


I found that you can set up multiple classrooms, and move students into the correct classroom as long as they enrol into any classroom to start with :-)


Set the language to no language and the students can learn with the preferred language.

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