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Help me to create Manchurian language course here Geren minde manju gisun i kicen be aisilame araki

I would like to contribute a course for English speakers to learn Manchurian, I applied so many times here but got no reply at all, nowadays there are less than 100 people still use this language, but Manchurian language is extremely useful for investigating the history of Manchuria like Daicing gurun (well known as Qing Dynasty). If there are someone who is interested in Manchurian language or history here, please help me to apply to contribute the course until they accept. Thanks.

bi manju gisun i kicen be araki sembi, tere asu i gvnin tuksicuke de tehe gisun be aisilambi seme gvnimbi, damu udu mudan i kicen be araki be baicibe, we mimbe bederebuhekv. daicing gurun i suduri be baicaci, manju gurun i xu wen be tacici, manju gisun serengge umesi oyonggo, ere jalan de, te damu 100 niyalma ci dulerakv kemuni manju gisun be gisurembikai. Aika manju gisun manju suduri be cilahalaha niyalma bici, mimbe aisilaki. ambula baniha.

May 17, 2017



You mean the Manchu language? That's amazing. The language is not on the "I would like a new course" list, so would you mind contacting Lrtward and ask them to add a link of this post to the list I mentioned?


thank you for the information, I will ask them soon


Have you sent Lrtward a message yet?


Can I ask you a favor by voting up this post https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23973473? It is about start an Incubation on Manchu. Many thanks!


Thanks for your willingness to work on such a project!

You don't have to wait for Duolingo, though. You can make a Memrise course that has full sentences. Here's a model, incidentally born of a similar motivation: providing learning content in a language Duolingo hadn't gotten around to adding yet. You can also translate sentences on tatoeba.org More generally, you can record pronunciations of words on Forvo and add entries to Wiktionary. I would have to think that being able to include such details in an application for Duolingo would strengthen it, showing you're dedicated to the work, as one of their concerns is getting contributors who have the commitment to stick with the project (so they don't end up with another Telegu on their hands, for example).


thank you so much for your information

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Here's an inscription from the Forbidden City in Beijing:

The vertical symbols to the right are in Manchurian. Hard to believe that the language of those who managed to conquer the whole of China is almost going extinct these days. Making it available for the world to learn could be a way to help better preserve the history of China.

But... I would like the course in the original, vertical Mongolian script! Technical difficulties be damned!


It's sad that the language is dying, but we are a step closer for the course to be made. This post is in the official list of languages that are still not in Duolingo (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/15014194). So now people can vote for this language to be made.


Very good, I hope it come here eventually. When europeans started getting an interest in China they started learning manchurian - since it was the official language of the dynasty but also because it is so much more easier than the chinese scriptual language.


Are you fluent in it? I think it would be a good idea sense there are so little speakers but that also means that it won't be Duolingo's first priority.


At least in the interim, you could start putting together a course over at Memrise.


Would it not be more logical to create a course for Chinese speakers initially? Is there a practical input method for the Manchu script, or were you only intending to use romanisation (which would be no use for reading historical documents)?


I didn't know there was applications to get Manchu here in Duo...how can we possibly help you making this a reality?


Perhaps by voting up this post and other post with same theme invite people who are interested to do the same.


Can I ask you a favor by voting up this post https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23973473? It is about start an Incubation on Manchu. Many thanks!


Hi! Are you one of the people who know Manchu language? I would like to learn from you- How can I contact you directly? If you see this message, please message me back, thanks!

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