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Should I take the Goethe-Zertifikat B1?

I am apparently almost done in the B1 level and now there is an offer to join the Goethe-Zertifikat B1 for $100.

The Goethe-Zertifikat B1 is useful for like when you apply for a job and that certificate is required.

Do I really need to join that? I am not looking for a job there in Germany. Should I really need to spend money for just to test my skills. Am I taking this too far?


May 17, 2017



I get the feeling you're trying to talk yourself out of doing it. Obviously the best person who will really be able to answer whether it will be worth it or not is you. Clearly, if you're not looking to do anything "official" with your German (e.g. studying on a course in German, working in Germany etc.) that needs proof of your proficiency then the certificate is in some ways superfluous, given you can't take the exam for free.

Personally I intend to take one, at the very least when I feel I am at the C1 level, if not earlier for B1 or 2; though that mainly is for my own piece of mind and confidence that when I say I am proficient, I actually am. If I'm not going to do anything that requires that certificate though, it's a fair amount of money I'll be spending just so that I can say I speak at the B2 level (or whatever) with a bit more confidence.

In the end, only you can decide if it's worth it.


If you have only done duo I don't think you can pass B1 unless you get lucky on the oral section.


Wait until you're B2. B2 is what jobs are looking for on CVs and résumés.


Someone told me recently that B1 is the level at which employers are not legally allowed to throw out your application, in Germany. But, I have no idea how that could be policed...


A lot of German language schools offer informal testing on their website so that you can place yourself and select a course appropriate to your abilities. If you are only curious as to what your skill level is and have no need for a certificate, this might be a good option for you. I've taken this one, it will provide you with a percent and a recommended Grundstufe in the A1.1 to C1.1 format.

It could just be good to take an informal test like this before you spend $100 on the B1 test only to find out that you are really more like A2.2 or something! From what I have heard the B1 level involves more extended passages of writing and reading than Duolingo is probably preparing you/us for. Viel Glück!


Thanks I always like to do sample tests


I just took the placement test that you mentioned, Bridget. Thanks for the link! I'm running into a bit of trouble with submitting the test for evaluation. It is asking me for a captcha code, but I am not sure what that is. Do you know what it is per chance? Thanks!


Captcha is usually just the 'confirm that you're not a robot test' -- sometimes it's a popup and if your connection is slow it can take time. It's been a while since I took the placement test with them & I don't remember what the format was. But, since your comment is 10 hours old hopefully you figured it out ;)


If you scroll to the very bottom of the list of questions, there should be an image that shows letters and numbers with some graphics or colors that make it hard for a computer to read. You need to type the letters/numbers into the text box. If you haven't been able to submit the test and try again, you can scroll to the bottom before you start to make sure you see it. Also, if you can't figure out what the letters/numbers are, refresh the page and you should get a new image.

BTW, CAPTCHA was invented by Luis von Ahn (CEO of Duolingo)


You can do it out of curiosity, but that is the only value at this point. If you want you can wait for B2.


I am trying to work in a german speaking environment and my experience is that if german language skills are required the recruiters just ask a german native to speak with you on the phone for half an hour or so. Actually in 2 minutes they already know if your knowledge is sufficiënt. I would keep the money and do some free tests on the internet and put the level on your CV. Actually Duolingo is also offering the service of placing a test result on your profile on linkedin. That is what i did.


I've seen several comments about trouble putting it on LinkedIn when I did it was really was really easy but apparently not now

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