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strengthen skills tool

What's the use of the strengthen skills tool? It keeps giving questions from the lowest not-golden icon in a tree, does not combine subjects. For the sake of the tree maintenance it is even better to make a repetition in one of the more advanced subjects, since it can make golden not only the exercised subject, but also one (or two) from the lower branches. The strengthening tool never does it. It would be nice to have an opportunity to strengthen skills, while mixing different topics and grammatical problems (with an opportunity to make more icons golden at one go). Much more complex and rewarding at the same time. Shouldn't it work this way?

May 17, 2017



It takes me 4-6 strengthen in a row to get past the really old easy stuff most of the time I just do stuff from lower on the tree instead of the generic strengthen. But, I can assure all of you you can get and keep a tree gold. I only need to do one or two specific skills a week. But it took me months of 20 a day to get here


Thank you for the support! . However, it is not the loss of gold that I'm mostly disappointed at. I have given up keeping all the trees golden as well, mostly just try to have some of them on 3 or 4. With several trees completed/in progress it would take too much time anyway. I do not care about gold, thou it's nice to have :) It would be just much more challenging, if the strengthening tool gave us an opportunity to practice different topics at the same time. Right now you know which grammatical problem or group of words is the topic, so you are able to guess a good answer quite easily. With mixed questions, the strengthening tool could be much more like the real life, where you cannot guess what's coming.


I agree, I have given up making them all golden, I try to keep them at three, then I am up with the level and I am not continuously being frustrated by the task. Don't worry about the gold, it is impossible, no matter how hard you try to achieve all gold. so, good luck. bonne chance


I only strengthen them If I think they need strengthening.


I have observed the same thing. I guess it could be useful if you wanted to regild things sequentially while saving a few clicks, as it will just progress through the skills itself without your having to scroll up and down the tree. In theory it could be useful if your tree is completely gold, but usually it'll be hung up reviewing the easiest stuff for too long. So yes, in sum, I've hardly ever used it. That said, when I did use it for Russian for a bit, it somehow found some low level Russian sentences which had content with useful learning value for me, so I can't completely write it off. I guess that's more likely to happen if you've moved quickly through the early stages of the tree.


With such a number of courses, you wouldn't be able to sleep, if you wanted to keep all the trees gold :)

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