how to converse in French, I am failing badly. how did you learn?

je connais des phrases et beaucoup de mots, mais
Je ne peux pas tenir une conversation correctement, avez-vous des suggestions ??? what has helped you? I have an extremely good French accent I have been told by French speakers, but this is not helping me.

May 17, 2017


Practice constantly, don't be afraid make mistakes or to have people point them out. The only way to improve in a language is to use it.

You're going to stumble over your own tongue for a while, but once your brain starts to get used to the language it will start to become second nature. What you're experiencing is perfectly normal.

Try finding a tutor on Italki or another language exchange site if you don't have regular access to natives- it helps a lot.

May 17, 2017

c'est bien, merci, so Italki, haven't heard of that? will check it out, I guess I just need to type it in and it will come up? yes, you are right, I need to talk with French speakers who do not make me feel stupid and do not step in to correct me all of the time, or get bored with waiting for me to respond?

Finding a way to make yourself converse (or write) is the thing to do. A tutor or online conversation partner, w/ a commitment to yourself of at least a month or two, so you can get over being hung up on not expressing yourself in French. And/or write or make up sentences every day to describe what you do during the day. If you are having trouble speaking or writing, the only way to overcome the problem is to keep trying until you succeed (AFAIK).

mais oui, c'est vrais. you have hit the nail on the head slogger, this is exactement le problem pour mois ou moi? yes, I think it would be great to mix with a French speaker with little English, so any French I would speak would be great fully accepted as a gift of translation, and we could teach each other, oh that is if they are her in Australia of course. so yes and I must try and parle francaise tout le temp, je pense que. I can understand French when people are talking around me, I have an extensive knowledge of mots but putting them together correctly is my failing. Duo Lingo is great to a point, it keeps me actively involved in the language daily, which is invaluable. so I must speak French even to myself and find someone to speak to. oui, c'est bon idee, merci beaucoup pour ca

You're quite welcome. Best of luck!
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Practice, practice, practice. Watching French shows could help, since you will get used to hearing "normal day" conversation and eventually should be able to use it in real life.

merci, mais je regarde des films francaise , and I give up on that, yeah I watch French movies and listen to French and go to a French conversation group, I tend to stay quiet cos I cant keep up. I understand heaps more than I can speak. but still cannot put the language into practice. ummm
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I was where you are with English (not my first language) years ago. I kept practicing and eventually got to (more or less) native level in writing, listening and also (the hardest) speaking. Surely it won't happen overnight, but It's all possible if you just don't give up.

merci, oui, je voudrais persist, I am still in present tense, I work very hard, and I need to speak French more bien sur. je d'accord.

If you can, actually get out there and converse! Let people know you're learning and they will probably be more than willing to be helpful and forgiving.

merci, thankyou Kristen, vous parlez beacoup langue, is that how you say it? tres bien pour vous. ok oui, vous etes correct bien sur.

I think for such languages it would be best to take a summer course. E.g. in Paris, otherwise in the French Riviera (summer and sun).

oh, oui, c'est vrais, mais, je ne sais pas beacoup d'argent. ooohhh lah lah, je peux dream though can't I.

Well then maybe second best, a course from a French teacher in person (and a group with whom you study together there) closer to your home (it might maybe cost a $10 or something, per lesson).

Otherwise the usual Skype, Chat online with native speaker or FaceTime like conversations.

Practis makes perfect

oui, c'est vrais peut etre? is that how you spell that?

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    Sounds like you are referring to developing an ear for the language, which I find to be the hardest part of learning a new language. There doesn't seem to be an easy solution for languages. For me, the sounds in many spoken French sentences blend together and it is still difficult at times to discern the difference. This is far different from Spanish and Italian, which didn't take long to develop an ear for.

    oh that is interesting to know, I have a pretty good ear for French I believe, but am so bad at conversing, so I just don't bother most of the time. I need to work on that bit I think, it seems difficult for most people who know French to just let me blunder on with my mistakes. they want to correct me or look at me with humour. tres difficile pour moi a parle francais avec mes amies.

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