Multiple XP at same time for same activity

I had a student who said he made up several past XP assignments (about 500XP) When I clicked on the activity log, it showed 10XP earned repeatedly for the same activity with the same timestamp. How is this possible? I know that students can repeat the same activity over and over, which I have told them is not acceptable, but it will show different timestamps. This was 10XP of the same activity, exact same time, counted over 40 times. Is there a way he could be cheating or was it a glitch in the program?

5/17/2017, 1:54:58 PM


There was a comment several weeks ago about being able to cheat like that. I'm sorry I didn't save it since I don't care how many points I have let alone someone else

5/17/2017, 1:58:54 PM

he probably scripting or cheating. Or there is a possibility that the Duolingo page made a mistake

5/17/2017, 3:13:54 PM
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