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Thank you Duolingo!

I just want to say a big thanks to Duolingo and all its staff. To Duolingo creators, to forum mods, and to all who work and participate with this site. This site has really helped me progress with my learning and education. I couldn't thank you guys more, especially for making this site free. So if everyone could pop on here and say thanks and show your appreciation to Duolingo, because of all the discussions topics, where we grow in education from fellow learners, for all the challenges this site offers, for making learning fun and addictive because of groups, and stores, and for continuing to update and better this site for US, when you don't have to. So come say thanks, because they deserve it. And If everyone could go ahead and upvote this Topic to show Duolingo we care!

May 17, 2017



Duolingo was just recently recognized by the president of Ireland, for reviving the Irish language. This shows even more of an impact that Duolingo has on the world! Thanks again Duo! Keep up the awesome work!


Duolingo You're the best. I would give you all my lingots if I could! Much much much appreciated. I wouldn't be able to go where I plan and learn as fast and well that I am learning if it wasn't for you guys. You guys will probably change my life. Thanks again!


Thank you duolingo :) you've taught me more french in a month than I learned in 10 years at school.


Ik. They are just...that...good.


I think I also have more motivation to learn it now xD when I was in school, I hated learning languages so I never put effort in.


Yep. I'm just amazed at how well Duolingo put this site together. Making it fun for everyone.


Thanks Duolingo! Much appreciated!


I can't give you guys enough thanks!


I Agree Duolingo should Get What They Deserve!!:D THANKS DUO!!!! :)


Thank you Duolingo!


Awesome job Duolingo! We know you could stop this site whenever, because keeping this site open is hard, but you do it for us! That deserves a huge THANKS!


Thanks so much. I have learned so much.


Thank you Duo! I couldn't have done this without you!


Congratulations on the concept, the execution and the usefulness of the product. The learning process is addictive, effectlve and enjoyable. Una alegría para siempre.

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