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"Tôi biết bạn trai của ấy đang núp đây."

Translation:I know that her boyfriend is hiding here.

May 17, 2017



Am I the only one who thinks "TRái" is being pronounced "CHái"?


"Tr" and "ch" sounds are merged in Northern accent. They are indistinguishable in speaking. Also, there is no acute accent here.


Oh ok, thanks ^^


I have seen three words used for "to hide": núp, giấu, nấp. Are there any differences in how they are used, or if some are northern and some southern? Possibly one means I hide something, and another means I hide (hide myself, when someone is looking for me)?


"Núp" is usually used in the South. "Nấp" is used in the North. "Giấu" is not like the 2 above, it is more like to hide sth or sb, not to hide yourself. But you should use the word "trốn" in this sentence, it is more official and more formal than "nấp" or "núp". You don't need to remember the two above, it is rarely used. "Trốn" is a safe way for all dialects and all situations.

Btw, if you combine the verb "chạy" with "trốn", you will have "chạy trốn"! (escape)

Im Vietnamese, sorry for my bad English. Chúc bạn học tốt!

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