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The Owl can't hear me let alone understand me!

When I have the mic turned on it appears that I am given an opportunity to say something in French......I appreciate my failings, but when I speak the Owl either can't hear me or doesn't understand!

I keep trying but I continue to a negative response.

My hardware seems to be ok because I can record things and use Skype

Any suggestions...does it work for you?

June 24, 2012



It doesn't work for me, I suggest skipping it for now and turning off microphone in your preferences.


No, it doesn't work for me either!!!


I find it happens when I'm saying phrases that run together (e.g. bonne nuit). I have to say it very loud, then it's OK.


Same happens to me. Sometimes I have to skip, but I find if I slow down and enunciate, it usually works after a few tries. Running together the words, as BiancaJessica stated, is often a more accurate pronunciation, but the speech recognition software has difficulty understanding.


Thank you...knowing it may work allows me to feel less deranged as I sit and yell strange words at that hole called 'mic' in my computer :O

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