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Check out the new crowdsourced Bot conversation!

Thanks to all who pitched in on our crowdsourcing experiment for the Duolingo Bots!

We’ve incorporated your most upvoted ideas and created the latest Bot conversation. You can now chat with the Bots to practice renting a car (and more!) in Spanish, French and German. We’re constantly improving all of our Bot conversations and learning from your feedback. What’s extra special about this one, is that it’s based on your input from the start, so while you’re talking to the car rental Bot you might recognize lines submitted by the Duolingo community! :)

Take it for a spin!

May 17, 2017



Any ETA for the website version?
Even a very vague one and/or far away from now (2018, 2019, .. are fine "answers" as it'd at least be an answer ;)).


That sounds really fun. Just for iOS, right?

[deactivated user]


    Hi, can you tell me what bots are?


    Bots are a thing on the ios app that allows you to participate in everyday 'conversations', though you can't just say anything. It's a way to practice speaking to a person, though it's not an actual person. right now they're only available in Spanish, French, and German.


    Someone told me already, but thank you very much!


    Thanks for the good reply


    Will it be available for Android soon?


    so basically never then X'D


    Is this ever coming to the desktop version of duolingo?


    And Android, please!


    Why is there an UFO there?

    Por qué hay un OVNI allí?


    lol I know right :D


    Lol, creeepy! T-T


    Maybe they wanted to rent cars too


    It's not an UFO, it's a flying saucer (just look at the first link provided)


    I'm not sure if it's the same with Duolingo bots, but in the Memrise version, sometimes I have conversations with aliens, so who knows... you may be speaking to alien bots soon!


    Hi, I have a question, what are bots? I've always saw discussions about them but never really got a chance to look at them long OR Look at them at all. Bcause alot of the time I was doing two thing at once. Like I would be writing thing down or what ever, but I really don't know what they are. So please do help me.

    Thanks for all your answers in advance

    Truely, from Myah.


    Bots are just artificial intelligence and you just have a conversation with them, and with every conversation they get smarter.


    Oh, that's what I thought! I just wasn't sure, how do I get one?


    You can't, they are only available on iOS (iPhone) at the moment


    Oh, well thank you for all your help, Do you happen to know when it's coming out to android? And you can only get the bot on the duolingo app correct?


    The bots are only on iOS apple app. Not Android or web. If you are tech savvy there are emulator programs you can install on a PC to run iOS but I can't help with how it's done I just know it can be


    Bots are only on iOS. They are automated responses to conversation for you to practice talking to. For example the car rental one might ask you how long you need the car or what color you want and you type a response. So far I have heard they have very limited responses there was a post where someone copied the responses about a coffee shop visit and the user was trying to ask for orange juice but apparently the program didn't recognize the word so it kept asking if he wants cream and sugar they are also text only no speaking on either side


    Thank you, you both are very helpful. Have a nice day!


    I see 'Renting a Car' has appeared on my Spanish Bots!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    I completed all my Spanish conversations agesssss ago!

    I can't wait to try out these new conversations!

    Buenas Tardes!



    I'm assuming this will eventually be available for all languages, or at least the other major ones like Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, etc.?


    Thank you! Sounds great! :)


    Hey, that's a hoot!


    I though we would see like an image or something lol.


    There was feedback?


    iOS only is really getting quite annoying.


    This is such a great idea, I hope it is available in Italian soon. I am close to finishing the Italian tree, a conversation bot is just what I need to take my newfound skills to the next level. I am not comfortable with the notion of subjecting my fumbling Italian on real humans..... not yet, anyway.

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