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Start the Japanese tree easily

Yes, I know that the course is going into beta tomorrow.

But for the impatient ones, you can access the Japanese course early easily with a simple developer console trick.

Follow these instructions: http://i.imgur.com/jUDrR87.gifv

Everything seems to be working perfectly so far.

If anything's unclear, feel free to ask.

May 17, 2017


[deactivated user]

    The courses launches this Thursday... I don't mind waiting.


    Yeah, I'm very happy to finally see Japanese on Duolingo!


    The problem though is accessing the course that way means you're missing a lot of functionality from what the real course will have. The reason the first few lessons are just one or two words is because on iOS, most of the lesson is flashcard practice learning the hiragana. I'm wondering if that's going to be available on the website version when they release tomorrow.


    This is true, as main contributor said the hacked course doesn't get updated mistake corrections etc. as it does on iphone.


    I'm wondering if there will even be a website version when they release tomorrow!

    Having done a quarter of the tree without having been an alpha tester, it still seems pretty rough in places, with a few two-question lessons cropping up even a ways past the Hiragana skills. Refreshingly, there's a ton of translation into Japanese. But without well-developed hints or any T&N, that means it gets hard fast.


    The same flashcard exercises emerge every time they teach kanji as well, so I would guess those two question lessons are coming up every time they introduce new kanji. The same happens for the few words they teach that include katakana.


    Having now updated the app, I think it's new kanji/katakana or where there are match the pairs exercises.


    Interesting method that you've used. I used this myself for other things. But I say the best bet is to wait until when it's released because the tree that you get at the moment is most likely not the final one.

    Edit: Wow. It seems like I even have the flag of the Japanese Course, and it's not even released.

    Edit 2: I have removed the glitched course in wait of the new official one.


    It's not a very unknown trick by now, and welcome back!
    I think you might be interested at these: The system used to kick people out of the tree at first, but it was open at times. After a while, direct skill links totally worked (XP, lingots, progress) even if you were on another tree! :D Email notifications were also working. I kept getting the question "How'd you get in?!" so I deleted the tree!


    Can't access the site, the school proxy is being a jerk.


    Well that's a bummer, hope you'll be able to start learning soon :)


    How does the trick work?


    You go to the dropdown menu, select a language you're learning (any of them), right click on the flag and click "Inspect Element". That opens a developer console in which you see some HTML code related to that "element". You then find the "lt;li class="language-choice " data-value="de" " part. In my case data-value is "de" since I inspected element of the German course. I then change the value of the "data-value" class to "ja" since "ja" is the abbreviation for Japanese. Press enter and close the console. After that, you can select the "German" course from the dropdown menu that will take you to the Japanese course.


    Thank heaven! i can finally learn Japanese!!

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