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Scottish Gaelic in Canada


Scottish Gaelic was the third-most spoken European language at the time of (Canadian) Confederation. And yet today, apart from scattered homesteads in Nova Scotia, not only has the language receded from the immigrant communities that once spoke it, but it has practically disappeared from public memory.

Which other languages have also shared with the experience that Gaelic has had in Canada.



May 17, 2017



Hey Jack, I don't know if you were trying to contact me, or if it was a mistake, but I don't get any messages on my Activity anymore.


This is more cultural than linguistic, but this website includes texts and tunes of a number of Gaelic songs sung and collected in Cape Breton: http://www.mun.ca/folklore/leach.


Cool, I didn't know that Scottish Gaelic reached all the way to Canada. Thanks for the info! I always enjoy reading the things you post on here!

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