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  5. Is French the longest tree?


Is French the longest tree?

It seems like French is the longest tree. All of my other ones are shorter.

May 17, 2017



I think Norwegian is the longest, followed by German.


I think the Italian tree is actually longer if we're talking about the number of lessons. I started both tress at about the same time and I've only done one brand new lesson per day in each language. At that pace it has taken about a year to get through the courses. I already finished the French tree about a month ago. I only have two lessons left in my Italian tree and will be done by tomorrow.

So, I think the Italian tree is longer than the French tree right now. I don't know if any other language trees are longer.


I'm guessing you're talking about the number of skills taught rather than words or lessons?

French: 78

Spanish: 61

Danish: 70

English: (Unsure) - What language are you learning from by the way?

Esperanto: 44

Swedish: 66

Irish: 64

So you were right. Out of the ones you're doing French is the longest. And while Esperanto was the shortest tree created so far, that record has now been broken by Japanese with 40 skills.

Found it out using this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12532694/What-are-the-longest-and-shortest-trees-on-Duolingo

Hope that was useful.


I'm learning English from French.


The Ukrainian tree is fairly short, but I believe Esperanto is the shortest.


Esperanto (tomorrow Japanese) has the least skills but Turkish (tomorrow Japanese) has the least lessons.


Is there a discussion with the number of skills and lessons each course has (including ones for non-english speakers possibly)?


Thanks! Do you know any that show the number of words taught by each course?


German is the longest in lessons, but in words, Norwegian is the longest. (I think)

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