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Lingot Store: is this all?

I keep seeing posts that imply (or state) that you can get some kind of quiz in the lingot store. Is that something that's only for certain languages? I'm learning German.

When I go to the lingot store, there are just five things to buy:

Streak-Freeze Double-or-Nothing Timed Practice Idioms and Proverbs Flirting

I've seen many posts where people talk about buying quizzes, or buying something about an Owl. The only time I've seen an owl is the little mascot who appears nowhere except on the "Daily Goal" box.

Am I missing something?

May 17, 2017



I don't know but I was wondering if anyone else was a little annoyed by the fact that there is hardly anything to buy on the lingot store


Same. I have 53 lingots and nothing to use them on.


I have gained 3013 Lingots till now !!! I have already bought everything that is offered. What can I do with them?


There is nothing you can do with them until the Duolingo team adds more (except to give them to people in the forum).


Apart from streak freeze, there is nothing. the double wager thing is useless because you pay 5 ingots and get 5 from the deal, where's the logic in that? :)


You can buy outfits for the owl on the app, and I believe the quiz is only available for certain languages.


That is for either Android users or IPhone user (or IOS). The quizzes has been removed from the web version. Hopefully more new and better things will come into the store.


Was the quiz ever available on the app? If it has been removed from the web, it's completely gone, right?


I think it once was on the app....but I don't have a phone anymore...so I can't tell.


I have the Android app, and it's not there. I didn't realize it had been removed from the web.


Hmm... I still have the progress quiz.


Then you either have the outdated version of Duolingo...or you are under the A/B testing category from Duolingo Headquarters.


Ok, thank you so much for explaining!


Ich habe auch das Quiz.


There is no quiz option on the iOS app, but I can still buy the quiz for 25 lingots on the web version (as of May 20, 2017).


I'll let you buy 1 USD.
Conversion rate 2000 lingots.


youll be surprised how lingots pile up with long streaks.


I noticed that the only way I could even buy the progress quiz was by logging onto the websites lingot store. I can't buy it in the app at all. Hope you figure it all out!


I think they took the quiz off the lingot store because I bought one a while ago and used it but now it does not give the option to buy it, I did it in spanish and it won't let me buy it anymore.


Did you buy the Time Practice yet? I have used that many times. You get XP when you do good on it. If you have and don't know how to use it ( I was confused at first, not knowing where it was) just press on the Strengthen Skills underneath Daily Goals. I am using it on a laptop, If your using a phone I can't help.


I still have the quiz... and i'm learning german too.


I have the quiz available but only on web. Maybe it depends on how far you've gotten in your tree? And the things for the owl is only on mobile (I know about IOS but I know you can get it on Android).


BUMP! Ich hätte schon diese 'Progress Quiz' gemacht, dann habe ich für einige Zeit in einen Deutschkurs teilgenommen, und wollte zu sehen, was für eine Note ich könnte bekommen im Vergleich jetzt. Aber es ist nicht mehr da? Weiß jemand, sind unsere Noten noch gespeichert, oder gelöscht? Ich weiß, dass es keine hochwertige Test war, aber troztdem nett zu haben, und natürlich anstrengender als normale Duolingo-Klassen.

It would have been nice to come back and compare my current score to my old after learning for a while, even if the little number doesn't mean much in the real world. Oh well.


on an android you can also buy a weekend amulet i think


I can't access my items and use them. How does this work!?


can i have lingots

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