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  5. I just got the latest version…


I just got the latest version for iOS ...

... and it contains Japanese. And Swahili.

But not Romanian even though the course has been in Beta for more than six months. Duolingo, are you kidding me?

Did they forget about Romanian? Or is there any other reason for the delay?

Anyways, I am looking forward to the day Romanian hits the app and want to thank all contributors for making this course possible!

May 17, 2017



Yeah, the Android app was also updated. No signs of Romanian yet. Although it’s funny that on the Play Store page it says “now with Swahili and Romanian”.


If you're signed into Romanian on the website you can sometimes convince both mobile versions to stay signed in for a strengthening session. Apparently on Android it's just a matter of hitting the barbells really fast, but on iOS I've only ever gotten it to work when the Duolingo app needs to be updated. That's only worked three times. Apparently as soon as the error rate drops below a certain rate the program is declared fit for the mobile app. When it drops some more they'll get rid out of "beta."


Yes, it used to be like that. But now they are switching to a new system where priority is given to releasing courses on mobile. Swahili was on mobile after a couple of days, even before it had audio and Japanese was released on iOS only. It's not available on the website yet and won't be for another couple of weeks or even months.

And there are definitely more error-ridden courses available on mobile. ^cough^ Hungarian ^cough^


I have been waiting for Romanian on iOS for a while. I really wish they'd put it out already because whenever I do Duolingo now, it's on my phone, not on the web.


Check again. I just tried the app (Android) and Romanian for English is now available


it magically appeared on my iOS app a few hours ago.


Yep! It’s now even available on Android. About time!

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