"Are you the fortieth?"

Translation:Tu ești a patruzecea?

May 17, 2017

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Does anyone know how you would say this in the polite (plural) form?


In English , it doesn't exist, but romanian hates us and it gave us the polite form : "Dumneata "=pers. II sg , "Dumnealui"=pers III,sg ,m. ,"Dumneaei"=pers III,sg,f,"Dumneavoastră"=II,pl and "Dumnealor"=pers III,pl,m and f


in Romanian there is no per I for some reason. But there are more forms (not usually used )


Hi Lucky8boy. Thanks for getting back to me. I hadn't put the question very well - what I was curious about was what ending one would use for "fortieth" - "patruzecea" I understand to be a singular form. If one was using "sunteti" as a polite plural form, referring to a single person, would it still be "patruzecea" or, as I suspect, does that have an ending which changes? Also, if you were using "sunteti" to a group of people, what ending would "fortieth" have? Thanks in advance.

  • fem. sg.: (Dumneavoastră) Sunteți a patruzecea?

  • masc. sg.: (Dumneavoastră) Sunteți al patruzecilea?

  • For plural needs you can use: (Dumneavoastră) Sunteți al patruzecilea grup ? :)

I never heard for plural a construction like ”Voi sunteți ai” + ordinal number.


Thanks again, Iiai, that's really helpful.


Okay, it isn't clear whether to use the formal "Dvs." or informal "tu" here.


Both are valid, because English language doesn't specify. Report it if not.


Indeed, today I choose 'sunteti' and it was wrong. It was supposed to be tu esti. Most of the times 'tu' is wrong. I don't get it really.


An explanation of this would be greatly valued - I did the same...


When you have no context, both variants are correct. I added the formal variant.

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