Japanese !!! countdown !!!

Finally !!!

May 17, 2017


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It's amazing how much the Japanese team has accomplished in such little time! I am really excited.

Meanwhile, the Hindi course hasn't seen an update for over a year.

May 17, 2017

"amazing", "Japanese" and "little time" don't go well together. Japanese + high speed = normal.

I could be wrong, but as someone already pointed out it could be released at 12am in PST not GMT sadly, but I could be wrong

Am I the only one who already access to the course? I updated the iOS version (unfortunately, it's only available there) of Duolingo around noon PDT, and I've had full access to the Japanese course since then. I was surprised that I didn't see at least 10 posts titled "JAPANESE IS HERE!!!" or the like, but instead saw no activity in the discussion about the course. Oh well, I guess I'll enjoy it by myself until it's available to others or until people discover that an update is available.

Thanks for mentioning this! I updated my iOS Duolingo, and sure enough, Japanese is there. :D

I hope it's on the web version too...


I wonder how the writing's gonna work. Will it be with a handwriting tool, or will we have to write it in romaji?

Unfortunately I haven't seen a handwriting system. Duolingo shows you the character and plays its pronunciation and you'll have to select the corresponding romanization.

Source: I'm an alpha tester

I've thought about that, too.

I think it would be a small keyboard for HIRAGANA letters

Windows and Apple have Japanese Kana keyboards.

You sure? It's only 67% done by the language page.

One of the contributors explained it in the updates section. Wait, I'll go get a link.

There it is!

For the writing system. I think it would be a small keyboard for HIRAGANA letters.

It might just be a regular keyboard that changes romaji to Japanese. I have one on my phone, and when you type romaji, it changes to kana. For example, if I type the letter a, it would show as あ in hiragana, or ア in katakana.

Ya that's a great idea.

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