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Vietnamese Audio?

When (if ever) is the Duolingo team planning on adding audio to the Vietnamese courses? I feel it would be useless for me to learn how to read Vietnamese if I can't speak it with my many Vietnamese friends.

May 17, 2017



I have complained about this since last year.


Is there no audio at all in the Vietnamese course here?


There is some, it just does not cover the complete course.


Only a couple of them do per lesson. I'm considering finding some audio sources before taking any further continuation of the course to be honest.


If it helps, the memrise course (linked in the sticky) is working on full audio. That won't help with the full sentences but it should help you get started.


I agree that the lack of audio is a major deterrent. I make frequent and heavy use of the audio in DuoLingo courses and it's much harder to learn a course that has only partial audio.

One thing you can do is to use a supplementary TTS system. Google Translate can speak words out loud, so you can copy and paste things into there if you open it in a separate window...it's a little more work, but you can at least hear the stuff, and with time you can use keyboard shortcuts to make switching between it and the DuoLingo lesson quick and easy.

There are also built-in TTS extensions although I haven't gotten one working for Vietnamese yet...but there may be one out there that I don't know about.


I can help you. learning Vietnamese can be fun. you can use app zalo on CH play and make friends with many people in Vietnam and talk in Vietnamese.


I strongly second this. While I appreciate all the hard work that went into creating the course, it makes no sense to me why there still isn't any audio.


What is the status if any on improving the audio on the Vietnamese course. It doesn't have notes on the background like in German and French or audio on each word or sentence. There are also some strange sentences like "The bat is at the train station." which I will never actually say. Anyone have any feedback on this?

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