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Has anyone else been able to access Japanese on their phone?

Personally I'm on iOS, and earlier today I checked my updates and it said there was one for Duolingo adding Japanese, so I updated it, started testing out of the intro skills and managed to get to level 5.

When I got on my laptop to check it out, it shows up in my list of languages but nowhere else, and when I click on it a new menu comes up asking what language I want to learn, and when I click one it asks if I want to start from scratch or take a placement test as if I've never done any of them before....I found out how to get back to the normal Duolingo, and haven't seen anyone talking about this, which I found a little strange, so I thought I'd share my experience.

Edit: You can even see I'm level 5 in Japanese by the flags on my name. Weird how it won't work on my computer yet. It's always been the other way around when new languages release.

May 17, 2017



I got it too, just tested out of 15 skills. It's great so far, but I'm a little disappointed by how few Kanji there are...


My thought was maybe the kanji will come later.


True, I only tested out of 15 out of many more skills (though I deleted the course, I think I'll wait for it to go live on the site first. I think it's still a little buggy)


When they did the alpha test it was iOS only my guess is you started in the alpha group. If someone with an iPhone starts in web and they carry into iOS we can be reasonably certain. I don't have a clue on how to fix it. I do know the alpha testers were asked to open an account just for Japanese


I wasn't aware of the Japanese account thing, which I more than likely won't be doing. I already have enough trouble sticking to my favorite languages without jumping to others, let alone sticking to a language I'm not too crazy about: Japanese lol that account would unfortunately never get used.


I'm having the same experience, except, if I click on Japanese under my languages, I get access to it. I'm interested to see if it will continue to be this weird of an experience after the beta officially launches. I even have to make sure I've switched to learning another language on my phone before going on the website or it'll do that pretends-I-haven't-done-anything-yet thing.


This glitch is happening to myself as we speak.

A work around (so others can work it out) is to click on a language to learn then click the home button and it takes you to the Duolingo dashboard.

I'm level seven but I'm getting used to the VERY basics at the moment :)


I can access on my phone! Thank you for telling me this because I can't access on my computer either. So excited to learn to speak with my Japanese friend!


Switch the language on the app before returning to the website. Then you can get to the web version of the tree with the normal menu next to your avatar. However, the web version isn't really worth accessing at the moment (I had done ten skills before resetting since I'd done them on the web over the last month, and you really couldn't learn anything).

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