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Are there course editors?

I've found a lot of mistakes in the French course. I was wondering if there were course editors. If so, how do they find the bugs? Do they wait for someone to report the bugs, or do they do the course themselves to find the errors?

May 17, 2017



When you answer look at the bar that pops up there is a report function there I've had alternative answers accepted in German so French probably works the same


Are there course editors?

Yes. Here is the list of course contributors.

You can also go to the incubator page and find our names and other statistics.

If so, how do they find the bugs?

We go through the course every day to clear user reports, add new sentences, delete old ones, edit translations, etc. We get thousands of user reports every day, but unfortunately about 95% of them are incorrect.

If the "bugs" are programming related instead of language related, contributors can't help as much. The Duolingo programmers and staff members take care of those technical bugs. We serve as messengers in that regard.

Do they wait for someone to report the bugs

Most of the time, yes. We're a small team and can't monitor the whole course in a short amount of time. (Though it seems that Sitesurf can do it.) We like it when users use the "report sentence" button to notify contributors that there is a mistake. We try to fix them as soon as we see them. I really like seeing suggestions that are actually correct.

do they do the course themselves to find the errors?

Yes, we do that too. Especially when we're doing some testing and troubleshooting.

If you are doing an exercise in the French tree and find a mistake, I encourage you to go to the discussion page and see if other users have seen the mistake and have reported it. There are a lot of very helpful users here in the Duolingo community.


Do you have an example of any mistakes? I hope I'm not learning wrong translations...


If you see one let me know.

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