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Japanese on IOS!!!

I'm super psyched I updated my phone today and the Japanese course was released early for me! I really want to join a Japanese club and make some Japanese language buddies. I took the placement test and I am already level five in Japanese. I hope that the rest of the course is not too easy. I was kind of sad to see how small it was so far but its in beta.
Thank you duolingo and everyone that worked hard to release this course!!! Can't wait for Korean to come out soon!

May 18, 2017



I cry every time I look at my Android phone. :-( Jokes aside, I'm glad some people are getting it early! Have fun with your Japanese lessons! :-)


So far so good. Unfortunately I have been learning a bunch of kanji on another website so some of the words in hiragana and katakana throw me off a bit. I hope you all get it soon!


I'm updating the app now and I'm hoping Romanian will be there too finally. But it's good that Japanese is at least on mobile.


I don't have it on iOS yet. My level 7 is from having gained access when the web course was briefly made available a month ago. My guess is that there'll be a version 2.0 of the tree pretty quickly. It seems like Duolingo wanted to push something out fast, so they went with a tree that breaks all the Duo records for shortness (except perhaps the record for number of target languages translations accepted, the great quantity thereof being something that kept the English for Japanese speakers course in beta for I think the longest of any course thus far).


Aww sorry to hear that for you as well. Your post is hilarious though that dang tree broke a record huh?


I misunderstood your post slightly (I'm still pretty much a noob with smartphones) and thought the update had been pushed to your phone.

Japanese was there when I manually updated!

I believe the shortest tree (at least from English) before now in terms of skills was Esperanto with 43 and in terms of lessons was Turkish with 200. The Japanese tree has 40 and 184 (by my count, which could well be off).


I can confirm this, too! I'm in the middle of the placement test, myself. A big thank you to the Japanese Incubator team!

Edit: Level 7! \o/


No!!!!!!! I am iOS I did not get it!!!!!


Aww I thought it had been rolled out to everyone. :(


I am doing it now too! It is awesome


Do you know about the Anki flashcard app? Many people use it to study languages and other stuff as well. It is a bit cumbersome sometimes, but it is quite helpful.


Really enjoyable course so far :) Thank you to the Japanese team for this <3

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