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Maritime English Terminology!

Amigos de duolingo, tengo acceso a terminología utilizada en el ambiente marítimo, quiero compartirla en este espacio, y pues, a lo mejor "duolingo" team podría acomodarla para incrementar otra unidad más (Ships-Vessels-boats-Maritime) pues en realidad esto motivaría a las personas que están en esa área.... de igual forma considero que pueden irse agregando unidades de inglés específico de otros campos profesionales. A contiuación el Cuestionario que podría ser la base para la Unidad que imagino: CUESTIONARIO INGLÉS TÉCNICO 1. The distance from the bottom of the keel to the waterline: DRAFT 2. The portion of the stem that extends over the waterline: PROW 3. The water level along the hull when the ship is afloat: WATERLINE 4. The main body of a ship HULL 5. The forward end of the keel which extends upward: STEM 6. The backbone of the hull; runs the full length of the ship along the bottom: KEEL

  1. The distance from the waterline to the main deck: FREEBOARD
  2. The ribs of the hull; they extend upward from the keel and support the ship’s covering: FRAMES
  3. The rooms on a ship: COMPARTMENTS
  4. The ceiling in a compartment: OVERHEAD
  5. The floors on a ship DECK
  6. The upper edges of the hull where the sides meet the main deck: GUNWALES
  7. The part of the ship above the main deck: SUPERSTRUCTURE
  8. What does provide protection against torpedos: THE TANKS
  9. Any deck, or part of a deck, that is exposed to the outside is called: WEATHER DECK
  10. This provides access when you go from one compartment to another on the same deck or provides access through bulkheads: DOOR
  11. The space where you sleep (bedroom) how is it called aboard? BERTHING COMPARTMENT
  12. Term used for “bed”: BERTH OR BUNK
  13. The space where you eat your meals is: MESSDECK
  14. The place where your food is prepared aboard is called: GALLEY
  15. If you want to take a shower, you go to: THE HEAD
  16. It is used to provide access when you go from one deck to another: HATCH
  17. All doors which lead to the weather deck, and those found in structural bulkhead, must be WATERTIGHT DOORS (WT)
  18. Watertight doors are secured by fittings called: DOGS
  19. Most ships have a bridge which is: CONTROL CENTER CONN
  21. Everything to the left of the bow is TO PORT SIDE
  22. The imaginary line running the full length of the ships is called: THE CENTERLINE
  23. You can get fresh air and feel the wind when you go: TOPSIDE
  24. The rear part of a ship is called: STERN
  25. Everything to the right of the bow is TO STARBOARD SIDE
  26. When you take fresh water and food, you take: ON STORES
  27. If you walk toward the stern, you walk: AFT
  28. If you walk toward the bow, you: GO FORWARD
  29. You never go downstairs in a ship, you always. GO BELOW
  30. When you go up, you: GO TOPSIDE
  31. If you are standing in the middle of the ship, you are: AMIDSHIP
  32. The front part of a ship is called: THE BOW
  33. An object in the water to the rear of the ship, it is: ASTERN
  34. An object in front of the ship is: AHEAD
  35. If you need to get in a ship: YOU BOARD
  36. If you are in the ship, working and living: YOU ARE ONBOARD
  37. A person who build ships is called: SHIPBUILDER
  38. The place where ships are built: SHIPYARD
  39. The remains or wreck of a ship: SHIPWRECK
  40. A fellow mate onboard ship: SHIPMATE
  41. The numbering system of each compartment is numbered with an identifying number letter and symbol, such as 3-75-4-M and each means: 3= DECK NUMBER 75= FRAME NUMBER 4= RELATIONSHIP TO THE CENTERLINE M= A LETTER WHICH INDICATES THE USE OF THE COMPARTMENT
  42. What are some seagoing qualities that a Navy ship must possess? STABILITY, MANEUVERABILITY, SPEED, ENDURANCE
  43. How is a ship’s speed measured? IN NAUTICAL MILES PER HOUR- KNOTS
  44. What descriptive data about a ship is important to know? DISPLACEMENT, (WEIGHT), LENGTH, WIDTH, AND, DRAFT.
  45. What is the meaning of displacement? THE WEIGHT OF WATER A SHIP DISPLACES WHEN IS AFLOAT
  46. What is the meaning of beam: THE MEASUREMENT OF A SHIP TAKEN AT ITS WIDEST POINT
May 18, 2017

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