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Can't access new Japanese course on laptop?

Hey everyone! I don't have the Duolingo IOS app but I was hoping to learn the new Japanese course. It says the course should be released by now but whenever I click, it says to wait for their notification and that they are still working in progress. Anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks :)

May 18, 2017



Set release date is tomorrow!! ☺


You're living in the past! Tomorrow is already now in Asia. It's already out! There's a new app update for Japanese.


Well, it's May 18th here in Japan.. But it seems to not be released according to the JST timezone..


It's live on the app, but not on the website.


Could you please give us some screenshots of the new features?


May 18th in the evening in Pitsburgh is usually the right time for the release but it can be released earlier during the day of course. Most courses were released later than the date set in the incubator. Let's see if it's released then. Some were even released several months or years later. However, that won't happen with Japanese.


Well I live in the USA so only couple more hours for me


It's not released on non-iOS platforms yet. Be patient. Someone reported that the official launch would be 18th of May, 12PM PST.


The official launch is 18th of May. 5th of May has gone.


I thought it was May 5th of July


May 5th of July. What the heck does that even mean ?!!!!! *hysterically hysterical hysteria*


He said May 5th of May, so I thought it'd be funny that it was May 5th in a different month.


No, he only said 5th of May. He never said May 5th of May.


Sorry, I cannot into dates apparently. Thanks for the clarification. Editing original.


Workaround: If you have an iOS, simply change to Japanese on your phone. Then, log on to the web version. As long as you don't try to go to the discussions, you should be fine without having to change coding. =)


This does not appear to work actually. I get a scary looking screen as if I'm just joining the site. Have to change language to something other than Japanese on the app before anything on the web will work. At that point you can change to Japanese on the web using the normal menu, but the web version (until officially released, at least) isn't worth switching to.


It's not out yet but you can still access it by changing the coding. Right click on a language in the drop down bar, click "inspect element" and change all two letter abbreviations of the language into Ja and change the full language name to Japanese. Then you should have it in the bar.

Be careful, don't ever close out of the app with Japanese on, it's a hassle to get back to your other languages, and never access profile/settings either. Always access those from a different language.


That doesn't work anymore.


(pst. Try clicking "Add a new course" and trying it while on that page instead.) ^^


I mean as in the code works, but it bumps you to What language do you want to learn? page.


Instructions on a fresh account using Google Chrome browser:

Step 1: Click "Get started".
Step 2: Click "Spanish".
Step 3: Click "Set Goal", then "No thanks", then "Start at the basics".
Step 4: On your language drop down, click "Add a new course".
Step 5: On this "What language do you want to learn?" page, on your language drop down again, right-click on the word "Spanish" and then click "Inspect".
Step 6: In the HTML code, look for the row three lines above the highlighted one:

li class="language-choice active" data-value="es"

Step 7: Double click where it says "es" and replace it with "ja", then press enter.
Step 8: On your language drop down list, left-click "Spanish".
Step 9: FINISHED! You should now be on the Japanese course, with both Spanish and Japanese listed in your language list.

Don't remove the Spanish course. Clicking "Discussion" will kick you back to the "What language do you want to learn?" page, so you can't use that. If you end up on that page, then when you click the Japanese course in your language drop down it won't take you back onto the course and it won't show your language drop down list...

When that happens, simply choose "Spanish" again for what language you want to learn. Then, when you get onto the Spanish course, you can now see your language drop down again and get back onto the Japanese course.

I just tried this a minute ago and it all worked perfectly. Should work for you if you follow exactly what I wrote. ^^


Oops. I wasn't logged in. If you click on that username, you can see it's that fresh account I'd just tested it on, with Spanish lv1 and Japanese lv1 in its languages list. ^^


I did that a long time ago! Now it permanently bumps me to the page listed above!


I live in Perú, so I have to wait 4 hours more 'till the course is out.


I don't think that's how it works ;)


It was released in the UK just over twelve hours ago now.


Should be released here in the US any time now!

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