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Glitch or on purpose?

So, I started the new Japanese course on IOS like everyone else it seems. I tested out of 23 skills and immediately went to level 8, which was great. But now after I did that the desktop site keeps on glitching out and won't let me access any of my other languages.

Which leads me to this question; was the release of the IOS version of the course on purpose or something that they didn't want to do?

Though, regardless of the answer, I'm very impressed with it so far. The team did a good job, and I'm excited to see the improvements it receives when it's in beta.

May 18, 2017



For all other courses the release is first on website then weeks/months later on iOS.

However, Japanese course had (and has) a special treatment as Duo decided to alpha-test it on iOS (instead of doing it on the website, through the incubator, with only 3 alpha testers as it is for all the other courses).
To do so, they made the course technically "released" on iOS but also on the website but without showing the links allowing us to launch it from the interfaces (except for official alpha-testers on iOS).
The fact that the course is in fact technically released (=accessible) is why there is a way (some would have called that a "hack") to start it on website.

So, I don't know if the release on iOS for everyone was wanted so soon, but it's possible as everything is ready for it.

But now after I did that the desktop site keeps on glitching out and won't let me access any of my other languages.

Does "switching back to another course on iOS then opening then opening the Desktop version" solve the issue on the website?

the improvements it receives when it's in beta.

During and after beta, a given tree(*):

  • the structure --- namely skills' order, number of lessons per skill, list of lexemes taught in each lesson --- is locked/fixed.
    So no improvements will be done on that part(*): for example, no more words to be taught will be added during beta nor after.(*)
  • the main work during beta phase is to
    • improve by correcting mistakes in the exercise itself, in the list of accepted answers to an exercise, etc.
    • improve by adding new possibilities to the list of accepted answers for each exercise. that's where users' reports are very helpful.
    • improve hints.
    • add more sentence associated to a given word that the course already teach.

(*) until, after going out of beta, the moment the team decides to start a new version of the tree. But that will be released at once after the (few) weeks/months of work on said new/improved version.


I think Duolingo mostly is mostly focusing on the iOS version right now. I think they'll fix the bugs and gradually transition to the web version. I think the early iOS release may have been a mistake.


I hope it's really coming out today on other devices than just iOS. The recent incubator statement was rather vague on whether the "something new" meant we'll have to wait longer than iOS for the beta or if it meant something else...

I'm still expecting the beta will be available today, the same as I think the majority of people believe. But, because of how that statement was worded, I can't feel completely certain that actually is the plan.


I hope it comes out for everyone too. I can deal with it not being released on Android for a while, but I don't really see why iOS always gets updates and stuff on Duolingo before Android does. The statement starting to worry me. I really want to start the course, and I know I'm definitely not the only one who does.


Celebi I understand your frustration on that. I get so jealous when my sister gets a Pokemon Go update on her android before I do on my IOS. Hope it will be availible to all soon!


Duolingo should charge Apple for exclusive early releases of courses and features to iOS.

I have just bought an iPhone, just for Duolingo.

;-p Jk!

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