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I don't know some units for a German recipe ...

Hallo! I like to look for outside sources to improve my German, and recently bought a copy of Landleben (which has some things that are appropriate for my beginner reading level - and lots of good pictures). A recipe caught my attention, and I'm not familiar with some of the units. So the following questions about some of the ingredients: (1) 2 Hand voll Basilikumblätter ... 2 hand fulls? (2) 9 EL Olivenöl ... what's an EL? Is it related to a liter? If yes, I can figure out conversions with no problem. (3) 1 TL getrockneter Oregano ... same type of question, what's a TL? Any and all comments appreciated - danke!

May 18, 2017



You are right. ein Esslöffel - a tablespoon, ein Teelöffel - a teaspoon.


Danke! And wow, you've got an impressive list of languages you're working on!


- Handvoll (also: Hand voll) = Handful

- EL = Esslöffel = Tablespoon

- TL/KL = Teelöffel/Kaffeelöffel = Teaspoon


mmmhh, sounds delicious....:-) EL means Esslöffel = soupspoon Its a good idea to read this kind of magazines. I learn spanish and bought a magazine about sewing in spanish. I have a spanish cookbook too.


Danke! So you sew? I learned how a few years ago - and have made a few quilts (one for my mom, one each for my grandson and granddaughter). And I whole-heartedly agree, reading this kind of magazine is an excellent companion to learning on Duolingo.


I love quilts and want to make a big one for my daughter. Until now I mostly sew dresses, shirts and bags. I still wish you much fun with Duolingo, cooking and sewing (you do the same things as I do :-)......)

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