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Degrading Skills P2

I know what you're thinking. Oh here we go, Umbrella_Queen has another forum post about degrading skills. Oh boy.

But it's seriously becoming a problem.

Everyone tells me to just practice instead of learning. Um, that sorta defeats the purpose of Duolingo. Me learning up to a certain point and practicing forever.

I'm up to 22 skills that need practicing, per day. I could ignore them, but soon every single skill needs practicing. Hey, I like practicing but when it's up to like 22 times a day, I get put off. To be completely honest, I dread coming on Duolingo sometimes. I can't be practicing all day, every day.

People tell me that it's because I use hints. I use only use hints when I absolutely need to. And besides, 2 or 3 hints shouldn't make me have to practice the same topic each and every day.

There should be a way to slow down the degradation of skills. Or they should fix that altogether. It's hard to learn when I'm practicing all the time on DL. I seriously never have time to start new lessons. I can only start new lessons on weekends and that means dedicating my entire DAY to just DL.

I honestly hope this gets fixed soon, it's seriously a problem. :/

May 18, 2017



Not that much, but I experienced the same. It took 1 month for me to finish last 4 skills as I kept all the skills gold. You don't have to do that, but you seem like obsessive about it, like me.

What I want to ask is are you able to do re-do exercises perfectly? I mean when I look from here, if you have mistakes while doing them, that means repetition was not a bad idea. But if you are let us say 95% successful in those exercises, then there might be a problem.

I was doing 6-7 exercises per day(70 XP/day). And there were re-do exercises if there is any not-gold skill and new exercises if those are all gold. Believe me, you do finish it. Moreover, what I have noticed is after a certain amount of repetition, a skill does not degrade quickly. Subjunctive was degrading in my tree in 2-3 days, then after 4-5 repetitions, it became 7-8 days and after a few repetitions more, it became 12-14. I have a feeling that you will experience the same.

In bocca al lupo.


I try to do every skill each day. I get all of them almost perfectly. I've been on the same thing for ages because I have to practice all the time and the skills don't degrade any slower even when I practice for weeks. :/


Same here, really annoying.

I hope it's just A/B test that ends soon


I don't know much about the Italian tree, but it doesn't seem surprising that you have lots of review to do at Level 14. I get lots of review to do in Hebrew every day and I am only half-way through the tree. I used to get lots of review to do each day in German (a huge tree), but now it's only a couple of units a day.


Do a new lesson first in a day. This way you always keep your progress creeping forwards.

Then do a few (2 to 4) revision lessons. (Or more if you have time.)
Ignore the rest of them that aren't gold - they will keep for another day.

If a revision lesson goes badly, revise the same skill again the same day.
Or do a specific lesson from within the skill again.
(But not if it goes really badly, then just put it aside for the day, because it's comforting to put aside the more difficult skills for a while.)


It's hard to learn when I'm practicing all the time on DL.

Practicing is learning. If you know the skills Duolingo is implying you should practice more perfectly well, just ignore it.

You might be in a crazy A/B test that majorly increases degilding rates. Or you might be just narrowly getting your skills over the regilding threshold each day, leaving them prone to degilding rapidly. Or both.

If you're of a mind to try to keep the thing gold, you can try not regilding everything every day. Spend the effort you would have exerted practicing just a few of the skills but practicing them more. At a certain point the dynamic veyseldoganme mentions should kick in: with more practice, things degild slower, a low slower.

Overall, I think the best strategy overall for doing a Duolingo tree is to go through it pretty fast a first time and then work through it comprehensively on a second run-through. This seems to be the only way I manage to get many translations into the target language, thereby increasing the learning value tremendously. So I tend not to worry about degilding at all. And I do enough XP per skill on the 2nd go to get the material at least well loaded into my short term memory, and this basically keeps degilding rates quite low (maybe 1 per day).

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