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Duolingo account problem.

I am now studying French, Dutch and Spanish from English with Gmail email address. Then I opened another new account with Yahoo email address. The idea is to enable me to repeat/refresh in the second account what I have learned in the first account.

The problem now I cannot open the second account. Any time I use second name and password, always directed to the first account. I have tried “Forgot password” several times but the instruction has never arrived.

Is it possible I delete my second account without jeopardizing my first account? So I can re-apply a new account with the same yahoo email address, what should I do?

May 18, 2017



I think you should change your post to section "Troubleshooting". There, perhaps, will someone be able to help you.


Thanks dsjanta.

I just found that I have another email address opened in 2011 and have never been used. I can open it and used it for my second Duolingo account. So this case is closed.

Thanks agian dsjanta.

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