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Sepedi, Zulu or Xhosa, please

Is there any way that people can request a new language on Duolingo? I would love to learn any of the official South African languages, specifically Sepedi but Xhosa or Zulu would also be great.

May 18, 2017



That is okay, I see on the other discussion boards that a lot of people have requested Zulu - so maybe it will be available someday.


If see on the top of your screen you shoud see a flag tap on it then tap on add new course.


Thanks, but they do not have any of the South African languages.


Zulu is coming but giving any kind of estimate when would be pointless. Even when it does get added, it will likely take a year or two to become available.

[deactivated user]

    I really want a Tswana course :)

    Zulu would be great too, as a kid I always wanted to learn it but even living in South Africa, there aren't many sources to learn from.

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