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Japanese tree is here! Chinese next?

Hey everyone, I just saw that the Japanese tree for english speakers was released on the app yesterday. It wasn't in the incubator if I am not mistaken. So I wonder if duolingo found a way to make a Japanese tree if they also have a solution on how to make a Chinese tree. Does anyone know anything? I know that there are other apps that teach chinese like hellochinese but I just think that duolingo can properly do a better job. :D

May 18, 2017


[deactivated user]

    It was indeed in the incubator, for quite sometime. It hasn't launched on the web for me yet and I can't see it in the app.


    Luis said that Chinese is next after Japanese, but that could be anytime really.


    Japanese works if you update the app if you have a phone. Once I did that I was able to access web version. This was 6 hours or so ago...


    Ohh my bad... I guess I just overlooked it then. I can't wait for the Chinese course


    I really want to try and learn Chinese to, could you please follow me, thanks


    I updated my app on the iPhone (roughly about ten hours ago) and I had access to the Japanese course. Makes sense really when it's a Japanese update ^-^

    The course is now available on the web browser (still in beta though).

    It's so much fun!!!


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