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Is this a glitch in the system?

I have a 4 day streak but I missed two days of using Duolingo before yesterday and I don't use streak freeze? Is this a bug?

May 18, 2017



i wouldn't complain if i were you


It might have something to do with Duolingo's database problems on the fifteenth: https://status.duolingo.com

I believe that after experiencing this problem, they tried to make sure that people did not lose streaks because of it. As such, they may have restored some streaks lost on or around the fifteenth.

And I'm fairly sure that some people's streak freezes (not everyone's) did not get used on the fifteenth, although they were unable to use Duolingo.

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I also think so, I barely made my daily goal on time that day (after that I was not able to access the webpage or use my app) and I was thinking it would be nice if they considered saving peoples streak.

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