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Japanese keyboard help

I just started using the new Japanese Duolingo course. I have no problems typing in Japanese on my iPhone, but I am struggling to set up my MacBook Pro, so that I can type in Japanese in the Duolingo program. Can anyone provide instructions or links to websites that provide instructions? Thank you!

May 18, 2017



I'm also unsure about this at the moment, it would appear the duolingo keyboard (extension) hasn't been updated with Japanese yet. I'm sticking with my iPhone at the moment.


I don't have access to it yet (I still get the option to sign up to receive an email when it's released), but usually there are some "stickied" discussions at the top of the forum that talk about learning special alphabets, typing with a different character set, etc. Take a look at the "Japanese (English)" forum and see what's in there. It may be too early for the contributors to have gotten to that, but it's worth a look.


For now it appears to be too early to even access the to-be Japanese (English) forum :)

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