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  5. Japanese !!! it's 5/18/17


Japanese !!! it's 5/18/17

Japanese hasn't launched on the web yet . Why is that ???

May 18, 2017



It's still not even 2:00 AM on the west coast of United States. They'll most likely release it during the day, which sadly means evening/night for the rest of the world.


It works, but clearly it's not configured for the web yet. It's the same buggy version that I've been wasting time with for the past month ;)


Japanese has launched on iphone only, so far. According to the most recent post (3 days ago) on the incubator: "The course will launch into beta phase on May 18. Please be patient until we support the course on all platforms. Because of "something new", we'll need an extra effort to support the course on different platforms. Thank you for understanding and look forward to the Japanese course!" Hope this helps!


It's been released on mobile and web, well, unless I'm using something completely different? I've had it for the past 12 hours (GMT).


I'm able to access it on web, but only after adding the course through the apple app. Still no sign of it on android.


Yeah ditto, it appeared on my web browser after I updated the app on iPhone. Androids normally last =[

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