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What does your typical "new language hour" look like?

How do you practice your new language everyday? Is it just by doing the exercises? Do you write and revise notes? Watch movies?

I'm learning German and want to dedicate a full hour to it, but, not sure how to structure my activities. Any help would be appreciated :)

May 18, 2017



I personally write down the words/sentences and translations down as I go through each lesson to help me remember. It might not work for everyone though. That's just the way I like to do it. Also here's a video I found with some tips on using Duolingo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPMZrYONNOQ Hope that was helpful


It's great that you want to set a time limit and stay consistent! Honestly, I think you should find activities that you enjoy to supplement your grammar/book/duo lingo study. If you enjoy German cinema make time to watch a German movie every week(split it up into sections if you need to, to fit into your study routine). You can also see if any of the movies you already have at home have a german audio track. I love watching Underworld and EverAfter in French :D sometimes I just leave it on as background noise.

I'd also suggest finding some kind of reading material. There are a lot of awesome resources online. I'm not studying German right now(someday!), but I know for Japanese there are a lot of websites with children's stories that include audio(great listening and reading practice!), similar resources probably exist for German learners. Also try finding news websites in German and skim articles that appeal to you. You don't need to understand everything or even all of it, but it definitely will help you learn new words(try looking up a few that sound interesting) and see grammar in action.

One last thing would be to see if there are a group of people near you studying German or an online group. Maybe you can get some speaking practice in that way! You could also see if there are any classes near you. Community colleges in the states usually offer really cheap courses, but if you get creative there are other cheap classes scattered here and there too. I just found out that some of my cities offer classes as part of their recreation department for ASL, Spanish and even an intro to German! No french though, so I'm out of luck, but see what you can find in your community!

The most important thing is to keep your studies interesting. If it becomes a chore or you get bored you're not going to want to keep doing it. Find fun things to do in German to keep you motivated.

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