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Japanese course!

It's finally officially here! I just started can't wai!

May 18, 2017



Haha, that's some real excitement, when you can't be bothered to put the "t" in the word "wait"!

That made my day :)


^_^ sorry about that I just can't wait!


Andddd they'reeeee offf!! haha, nah but seriously, it's a brilliant course so far, really enjoying it!

Have fun with it!


It's been released? :O Cuz it still says "67%" for me!


The percentage does not represent the true state of the course, which is evident from their latest incubator update. The course has been released on iOS according to user reports. The release for the other platforms should happen sometime today (as in US today).


It's on the iOS app


I'm able to access it now. Thank you!


I can't get to it yet, either. Apparently it's in the process of being rolled out. Or maybe it's only available under the old website right now (I'm on the new one).


I can confirm that it isn't out on the old website which I still have - I started it on the iOS app and it let me move onto a computer after having started the course on my iPod. I do hope that it appears soon, though, as whenever I start a new tab of Duolingo it redirects me to a new users' page which can be very annoying...


Hmm... I really don't see it on my iOS :(

Neither on Safari nor through the app.

Am I doing something wrong?


You should update the app first. The update will give you access to the Japanese course.


Mmm. I think I'm on the old one, as my notifications show on the top of the page and not the centre?


anyone knows if we need to install japanese letters on our PC or it will be integrated in the course?


If it's not integrated (I wouldn't know, I don't have access to it yet) you can install a Japanese keyboard in your PC's keyboard options. If you're on windows, you should then just have to switch to it using the control panel in the bottom right (I'm not sure about other platforms) and then you just type in romaji and it should convert it to hiragana as you type.


True. On Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac is no need to install it. It's already there in the keyboard input language settings.


Yay! BTW, I like your profile pic.


Thx it's a picture of Raven my favorite superhero ;)

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