I registered for a Farsi course. But no one has contacted me. I know from the text I wrote that there is no problem with my Farsi or English.

I was wondering why I can't start that course? what's wrong?

Can anyone give me any piece of advice? Whom can I contact?

May 18, 2017


Nothing too wrong. Creating and hosting a course requires space and responsibility on Duolingo's side, assuming you and I are literate and responsible enough. So the team has to make sure it's worth it before accepting anything. There are thousands of languages out there, and some deserve to come before Farsi, some are more popular than Farsi. Duolingo can't host all of them at once.

Of course, that's assuming there's no problem with maintaining a course. That's not exactly the case with Farsi, or any right-to-left language. Duolingo is not yet fully compatible with such languages. (Go ahead and test punctuation here in a Farsi text)

I applied as well, about a year and a half ago! No reply, meaning Farsi is not yet a priority.

hello Aria.

about the first half of what you said, I don't fully agree as there are now courses like klingon on this website or that invented language which would have been a far lower priority than Farsi, so I don't think the problem is priority.

but thanks so much about the second half. Maybe you're right and it's not yet compatible. which is such a shame.

thanks so much for your response. ;-)

I've always strongly disagreed with the Klingon and Valyrian, but it seems like Duolingo granted them permission, only to gain popularity.

I mentioned some deserve to go in there because they're in danger, like Breton. Farsi already has 80 million speakers.

You're correct it's really not a matter of minority. I didn't mean to say Farsi will not come soon, but I mentioned some things that might be holding Duolingo back from accepting the language in the incubator.

And of course, you're very welcome! ;-)

I am a little confused why if there are contributors Duolingo wouldn't have them start on a course. It should be important to them to have enough languages for people of different interests to learn their desired language. I hope it comes soon because we're lucky enough to have contributors.

I'm grateful that you think that way. ;-)

The demand for Persian is high and the number of people willing to contribute is also high. The only reason to why they haven't started the course yet has to be due to technical difficulties, but at the same time I believe that Arabic has already been given a green light, so I really don't know.

The only thing we can do at this point is to keep register for a Persian course until they understand how bad we really want it!

Arabic has been given a green light on the reverse course, English for Arabic. The very interface of the course is buggy, as it still works left-to-right.
Languages that have a notable number of speakers usually get on Duolingo with "English for [language]" course. Then, if requested enough times by the users, "[language] for English" is built.

Your solution doesn't sound the wisest thing to do, it'll just get the team annoyed. Just vote for Farsi or Dari, then apply once every year if you're knowledgeable enough, and can take on the responsibility. It's not like they dismiss the applications if they don't plan to start the course very soon.

that was truely considerate of you to post the links here. I wasn't aware of the existence of these pages.

I voted for Farsi.

thanks again so much ;-)

And you're very welcome again! You'll see Lrtward's "[GUIDE] I would like a new course: What should I do?" when you enter discussions, it's a sticky, and it contains links to the primary posts for requesting languages, and instructs you on what to do if you want a new course! :D

I want it BAD Susan ... and I hope they understand it soon and do something for the technical difficulties.

thanks for the support. ;-)

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