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What's Your Duolingo Story?

[deactivated user]

    How did you find Duolingo and why? I'd like to hear all your stories out there! (I might share my story, but it's not very good:)

    May 18, 2017



    I was at a friend's house, sitting under the air conditioner which was set to 16 degrees Celcius while outside was 35 degrees Celsius. I know 16 is too cold and not healthy but by that time I did not have an air conditioner at home so I wanted to feel some cold in summer.

    Then my friend somehow said "I learn German from an app and it is great" and I asked the name of the app. I suppose you can continue the story after that. :)

    [deactivated user]

      I went on a trip to Italy without knowing any Italian. I really enjoyed it and I wanted to learn the language so I could come back next year. I asked some of my friends about apps to learn languages and one of them said she learned Spanish from Duolingo. I decided to try it out and I have now completed my Italian course :)


      If anyone has a life changing story, then you should really share it here:



      I retired and stumbled across a reference to it while researching cheaper versions of the Rosetta Stone. SOOOOOooooo glad we returned the expensive Rosetta Stone.

      [deactivated user]


        I came looking for a Japanese course for my nephew (which didn't exist). I stayed to learn Dutch and to brush up on Italian.


        Found it in 2014 while procrastinating revising for exams, but stopped once my exams finished. Picked it back up in the last 30 days to help me learn French :)


        I found this app from a friend a couple of years ago, or more, she highly recommended it. I never took it up seriously until about three months ago, and I do my French every day. but I am still not very good, not for want of trying.


        I found out about this because I wanted to learn French. I hear a song I love and I didn't knew what the words mean, so I started learning. I quitted but about 3 months ago I heard another song I think is really catchy in Italian, so now I am learning Italian for about 3 months. I haven`t learned it continuously so now I'm only on 67th day strike instead of 90 (I forgot one day after 20 or so days, and started over, and even before that I also forgot after 7-10 days, maybe now I would be on 100 days strike)


        I could write it out long, but if you're interested, I made a post about it.


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