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"Cei trei băieți nu au nimic cu voi."

Translation:The three boys have nothing against you.

May 18, 2017



i translated " have nothing with you " and it was accepted. but I did not like my translation so I was going to ask the real meaning of this sentence, which to me was "nothing TO DO with you". but I see that here it is translated as : "against you " which is OK.


What does Cei signify in this sentence? why must it be there?


It is basically the definite article. Numbers can't take the definite article as a suffix so you have to use an additional word.

If it was just "boys" and not "three boys" it would be "băieții...", but since we have "three" we can't say "trei băieții", nor can we add the article to "trei", and hence we need to use "cei" to signify the definite article in the beginning.


this is why i translated THESE THREE BOYS because it looks exactly like French CES TROIS GARCONS but now I understand the difference.

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