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The hardest and the easiest language in Duolingo courses...

Hello everyone! According to you, which language is the hardest and which the easiest to learn?

May 18, 2017



Depends but all other things (like interest, available material, practice partner) being equal, the easiest would be something similar to you native language (for English: Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish) and the hardest something dissimilar (for English: Vietnamese, Turkish, Hungarian, Japanese)


I totally agree. Especially when a language is an every-day-thing in your life like English which you can hear them everywhere


well, i think spanish is the easiest, and japanese is the hardest


For me, the easiest, is Esperanto, and the hardest, Hungarian.


Greek Level 9? :)


Are you in level 9 in Greek language on duolingo?


I was wondering how difficult is Greek language to a foreign person


I was wondering how difficult is Greek language to a foreign person

Regarding Greek (and similarly Latin) it depends very much about your current experience with (some) Greek words and or its alphabet.

E.g. if one has already knowledge about physics and or mathematics then the Greek alphabet letters (like mu, nu, omega, beta, alpha, ...) are possibly already quite familiar to you (as they are used there quite extensively sometimes). That might give one possibly a head start in learning Greek in Duolingo as you already might recognize a lot.


For me, greek is easy, cause Many words in Spanish are similar to greek, I'm a native Spanish speaker and I knew the Greek alphabet very well before taking the course.


On DuoLingo: Italian easiest - Hebrew hardest

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Hebrew is the hardest because the writing system leaves you with no easy way to figure out the vowels of any new word you encounter AND the course is missing audio for some sentences - so there is plenty of guesswork filling in all the vowel sounds for words you may not have encountered previously in the course and which have no audio.

Easiest is Esperanto.


For me: (Hardest to easiest)

  1. Japanese

  2. Hebrew

  3. Russian

  4. Polish

  5. Vietnamese

  6. Greek

  7. Ukrainian

  8. Welsh

  9. French

  10. German

  11. Italian

  12. Irish

  13. Hungarian

  14. Danish

  15. Portuguese

  16. Esperanto

  17. Swedish

  18. Dutch

  19. Norwegian

  20. Romanian

  21. Spanish

  22. Swahili

Japanese is the hardest for me and Swahili is the easiest for me.


Easiest: Catalan since it's so close to Spanish, the base language of the course

Hardest: the Hungarian tree is a great challenge, but that does mean you can reach a more advanced level in the language than you otherwise might have


the easiest is English


well,it depends


on the person


Spanish is the easiest, but I heard Esperanto can be picked up in a week so maybe esperanto.

German is the hardest, in terms of grammar.


Hi Marilena, I would think that Greek, would be more difficult than languages with an alphabet similar to English. Of the ones I have tried on here, I disliked Catalan and Romanian the most. I know I didn't like the audio in either course, and I think also because they were less familiar to me beforehand.

Are you a native Greek speaker? Have you studied languages besides Swedish?


Hello! I am a native Greek speaker indeed. Besides Swedish, I also speak Italian and a few French


For me the hardest is Hebrew and the easiest English/Spanish.

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