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  5. "Sie öffnen die Bücher."

"Sie öffnen die Bücher."

Translation:They open the books.

March 19, 2014



why is it 'they' and not 'she'??


Because of the form of the verb. It's in the they (formal you)- form "Sie öffnen". The he/she/it-form would be "Er/Sie/Es öffnet".


danke, makes sense, same with the sample here "Sie öffnet das Fenster" (she opens the window)


Still sounds like 'sie öffnet die Bücher'


sounds like

In a translation exercise, you always have written text -- you do not have to rely on the (imperfect) text-to-speech voice.


So you look at the verb after "Sie" to figure out if it's she or they? Am I correct?


That's right.

In a real-world conversation, you will also have context to help you, but if you only have a single sentence without context as here on Duolingo, the verb is the main way to tell the difference between sie = "she" and sie = "they".


The voice sounded like it was using offne instead of offnen. Once again I will curse German for it's pronouns and verb conjugation.


Can I use aufmachen here too? "Sie machen die Bücher auf"?


That sounds odd to me -- I'd use aufschlagen rather than aufmachen if I wanted an auf verb: Sie schlagen die Bücher auf. "They open the books."


Yes. Both sentences mean the same. But öffnen is easier because it does not have to be split in "... machen.... auf"


"Bücher aufmachen" does not work for me (German native). Actually, "Bücher öffnen" is not the most common expression as well, the usual expression would be "Bücher aufschlagen" as mizinamo rightly stated.


Can this also mean opening financial records as in American English?


If you mean "opening" in the sense of "creating for the first time", that would rather be eröffnen in German.


Wesentlich beseres Deutsch ist: "Sie schlagen die Bücher auf."


When will the slow speech be added back?


I guess we have to wait


The "slow listen" button doesn't seem to work on this sentence. I'm just getting the fast reading again when I click it.


Why not opened ? How can I say "I opened the books" in Deutsch ?


Ich öffnete die Bücher / Ich habe die Bücher geöffnet.


Man, I really heard "Sie offne die Bücher" for this one.


Couldn't this be öffnen or öffnet? They open or she opens?


Couldn't this be öffnen or öffnet?

I'm not sure what you mean. Did you get a fill-in-the-blank exercise for Sie ...... die Bücher where you had to choose from options including öffnen and öffnet? I can't find any such exercise. And such an exercise would indeed be ambiguous between sie öffnen "they open" and sie öffnet "she opens", so it would not be a good exercise.

If you had a listening exercise, you will have to write what the voice says, i.e. sie öffnen. If you had a translation exercise, you will have to translate what is written, i.e. sie öffnen to "they open". There is no choice of using öffnet.

What prompted your question? What kind of exercise did you have?


I had a listening exercise and even slowly several times I could not really differentiate between it being "sie öffnen" "they open" and "sie öffnet " "she opens" I chose "she opens" and was marked wrong


After I say santanance, and it is recognized, I have to wait looong time 1-2 minutes to continue, and microphone is recording whole time.


Just press the microphone icon in the middle of the screen when you are done and if it is still waiting, that will stop the microphone and verify your response.

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