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feature request: add the ability to flag a particular question as a "favorite" - or thumb up / down

there are times when i see something that makes me think, "hmmm - i want to check that word or structure out more"

May 18, 2017



This should be in the main forum, since it isn't just about Spanish.


i am new in the discussions - nice to be able to just move from one discussion to another through edit - i believe i did it correctly


A thumb up! Nice request.


Thumbing them is already possibly but has to be done through the forums, not lessons.


fair enough - i guess I would say then my request is to be able to thumb up while in lessons - i don't spend much time in forums, mostly just the lessons - some days i feel i only have time for one lesson, but there is something on that particular card that i would like to dig into further - possibly even look at the comments on that card, but I don't have time to do that right now - plus, it messes with the flow of getting through the cards


The website rewrite looks set to open sentence discussions in a new tab during lesson. This will allow you to follow them (top right corner, well, so long as that doesn't get removed in the rewrite) or upvote them.


I'm pretty sure there are discussions about the sentence. For me I have the option to go to them after I finish the question, but whenever I click on it, It does nothing. There is a way to do it; however. You can look up the sentence in the "search" section of the forum, and it should pop up. Hope this helped.


Agreed. I'd like to be able to indicate sentences I know I need more work on since I know that I'm better at that than Duolingo's algorithms, as well as have a place to "keep" useful discussions I'd like to be able to locate again easily.

For now, sometimes I bookmark them in my browser (clumsy I know, but I think there are also snazzier programs to archive things you want to read later).

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