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こんにちは Japanese!

Rumor has it that a few of you have been patiently awaiting a Japanese course? For those not in on the joke, Japanese is by far the most-requested and highly-anticipated course launch in Duolingo’s five-year history. So I am thrilled to announce that our Japanese course is now available on iOS. (EDIT: Android rollout slowly started on May 31, and web will be next!)

Japanese is one of the hardest languages for English speakers to learn, so we spent months creating a completely new way to teach the language and then designed a new course from scratch.

Here’s what makes our Japanese course unique:

No skimping on characters. While some courses get away with using only Romaji (the representation of Japanese sounds using the western alphabet), learning all three Japanese writing systems helps people communicate more effectively. Duolingo’s course teaches the shapes, pronunciations, and meanings of all Hiragana characters (there are about 50), all 50 Katakana characters, and nearly 100 basic Kanji (Chinese characters). Also, unlike traditional courses that structure character lessons alphabetically, Duolingo’s course introduces characters thematically.

Thematic lessons for real-life situations. Whether you’re trying to navigate Tokyo, order sushi, or watch anime without subtitles, this course can help. All lessons are based on themes like travel, food and hobbies, and are made up of a practical mix of vocabulary and grammar. And there are even bonus lessons at the end to teach learners phrases relevant to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and popular Japanese subculture like anime and manga.

Backed by research. Duolingo designed the course from scratch based on research-driven teaching guidelines. This includes JF Standard, a Japanese-language education framework for describing language ability. The course teaches all of the vocabulary and grammar needed to pass JLPT N5, the most popular Japanese language proficiency test in the world.

As a native Japanese speaker, it was an honor to help build this course so that millions of people can learn the language. We created new formats and content to ensure the course’s effectiveness, and we will be continuously improving the course based on your feedback.

I can’t wait for you all to try it out for yourselves!

Related: Check out "How we invented a new way to teach one of the most difficult languages to learn", posted today on the Making Duolingo blog.

May 18, 2017



That's poorly communicated by Duolingo, if not outright deceptive.

"Coming 18 may", without mentioning "only on Apple" (of which I have no idea why anyone would use it).

And with no mention at all of the website version it appears that it'll be a lot longer before I'll ever get to try this, if it ever comes.


I was really confused why it was only iOS, when the OFFICIAL posts, twitter, duo etc said that it's 18th may and not mentioning iOS. This was quite weird.


1-2 weeks for Android. They should have pushed back the official beta date, maybe.


Disappointed!!! If you are going to say 'soon' then at least give us an order of magnitude. Are we talking, days, weeks or months for the respective android and browser updates? I ve literally been refreshing the incubator page all day to find out its going to be a phased beta... You shouldve extended the alfa and released beta on all 3 platforms, or at least browser first. 100% of people online have browsers. 85% uses android, 15% uses iOS (2016 global market share). Who of all people thought to push such a release to market?

So. Timeline? Days, weeks, months or duolingo development years?


Soon™, but really im pissed, even the damn OFFICIAL sources didn't even mentioned changes on what platform it will be.


1-2 weeks for Android, per Luis. Don't know about web.


Duolingo: Very badly communicated, we are disappointed


When do you think it'll be released on the desktop website?


But, well, playing with HTML, you can access it on the website.
Now that the course is officially released, I guess this info can be mentioned. Please, hideki, delete my comment if it's not ok to mention it.


Here is the guide on how to enable Japanese for the web. Though I have to warn you that the course is really buggy. You can’t use the strengthen skills button and it messes up with the forums.

It’s been that way for a month, but now that it’s been released on iOS, I hope they will iron out the bugs soon.


I figured out a workaround to get it working on Android, to some degree, so I'm sharing it here for anyone who wants to try it out.

  1. Open the app, and have the skill tree open in any language.
  2. Follow the guide @FilipFilip17 linked on your computer.
  3. Go back into the app and refresh it by pulling down.
  4. Quickly press the Japanese skill you want to work on when it appears, before the "Language not supported" dialogue appears. It will still appear, but the lesson list eventually takes priority.


edit: It's pretty buggy at the moment


If you install the Tampermonkey extension or Chrome or the Greasemonkey extension on Firefox, and then install this script: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/29896-ninja-button-duolingo-japanese It adds a "Ninja" button that will let you access the Japanese course.


That code doesn't show up for me though..


Hmm... Maybe it was removed. Try this GIF walkthrough.

Edit: also try using Chrome, maybe it’s because of that...


@Kirk813773 Yes! Here is a new way to access the Japanese course on the web. All credits to the author.


Lol. Why did my reply get downvoted? Was what I said wrong?

What I meant is, the reason the code doesn't show is because they changed the code on the tree viewing page (the "Home" page of whatever language you have open). What I was suggesting is to go back to the choose a new language to learn page, because there it still uses the old code displayed in the guide.

Better option though: Click "Add a new course", which takes you to https://www.duolingo.com/courses

On that page you should see the code shown in the guide too. So it will work if you follow what the guide said, but you just need to do it on that page instead now. ^^

* Edit *
Or simply do it while on the forums. Seems to use that code for the language list when on here too. ^^


I guess this has been removed right? :(


@Kirk813773 It sort of does, but now you have to do it every time you want to switch to Japanese. I hope a new workaround will come up.


If you have iOS, code and stuff isn't necessary.

Just make sure you're no longer in the Japanese course/switch to another language on mobile, go back to website, look at your dropdown of languages, and voila--Japanese is right there, like any other language.

Obviously not the finished web product, but who cares?


Hey, here’s another fun thing. If you followed the instructions I posted above (or below) you can also test the Japanese course on your Android device. Here’s how:

First switch to the Japanese course in your web browser, then open the mobile app. You will briefly see the Japanese tree, and then a message will pop-up. Select, for example, “Englisch von Deutch” and then click Cancel. Now quickly select a Japanese skill or try to scroll down (it’s not easy).

You won’t be able to practice skills but you can try doing new lessons. So far, I like the course, but scrolling through the tree is, understandably, frustrating because you will keep getting pop-ups, but it’s possible to access any skill (I think). Also, I notice that a lot of individual items don’t have audio (the sentences are fine though).

Credit goes to some guy who figured it’s possible to do this back when the Romanian course was not available on mobile. I can’t remember who that was...


How? Can I get a guide? I only have a computer, and it would be sooooo useful to be able to see how to do it myself.


Per his AMA:

"85% of our users are on mobile, so we generally give preference to that. Japanese should be available on Web at some point this year, but I don't have an exact timeframe yet."


This Year??. Are YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?!! Screw the mobile, i know it's more convenient for people but the app is just for keeping the streak going it's pretty much just dumbed down version of web. Okay now im really mad, this is not cool honestly. I had my hopes up just to know that the release date is not actually the release date. I guess we are in for a wait here guys Message me after few years when it gets "released" in the future.


If it's any consolation, I think they have some customization that was better suited to mobile, so maybe the app will not have the same downfalls as other languages have apparently had. I use the app almost exclusively, but I've used the website more lately because the fluency meter doesn't change on the app. However, I haven't noticed a retention difference between the two. Which language(s) are you studying, and what do you see are the differences, may I ask?


Been waiting on this and getting excited for weeks only to find out it's only on iOS ? And the wait continues on. Great...


The worst thing is that we don't even know when will that ''later'' be. Week, Month, 2 months...??!


but you've already started with japanese :0


I just glitched in, glitched in version is not updated is very buggy, and in general is bad. There is a lot of stuff missing.


I'm not so sure there's anything not updated in it. It's just missing the app specific features.

I've been reporting sentence I've typed that should have been marked correct, and I get emails usually around 24 hours later saying they've fixed them. Then, when I encounter the same question again, the fix has already been applied when I type the same answer. ^^

I'm mostly reporting sentences where they don't accept kanji. Like ones that accept かれ but not 彼.

Or questions where it doesn't accept British English I naturally type. Like パンツ not accepting "pants" as the English translation, (because "pants" in American English means ズボン, but in British English it actually means パンツ like the Japanese does...) :P


I'm talking such bugs as missing words where it requires you to type USA 20 times. Well i guess you are right about reports, but sadly i cant see them coz i use facebook.


@Haelvatienn Ah, okay. I pretty much forgot that happened, as that mostly just happened in the early skills (particularly the "Hiragana" ones).

When I do strengthen skills now, I don't get stuff like that happening at all. Feels like a decent course that just could do with more web users able to access the beta test and report all the sentence errors.

Hope they're not going to dawdle with releasing the web version too long. I imagine web users report sentences more often than mobile users do.


I'll add to the choir that not even mentioning the web version (which should be your flagship) is frankly a disgrace.


I believe the quote was "sometime this year" for web. But no date.


That's unfortunately still not good. A month or so difference would have been okay imho, but a 6+ months means that they've actively trampled on the development of the web version to favor the mobile ones. Sad to see anti-consumer practices take over Duolingo as well.


Honest question: Why do you feel this is an anti-consumer practice?

Edit: Why am I getting downvoted for what I clearly stated was an honest question? I didn't understand, so I asked.


It limits the consumer's ability to choose between the different platforms. Now, our only choices are the app or nothing.

It's a practice that is rampant in the games industry (for instance) where multi-platform games are released on consoles months before a PC release.


I don't think anti-consumerism applies when something is free. Not to say that it doesn't suck, as a user of the web version.


That's an interesting perspective. I was coming from the "it's free" philosophy. This is a new viewpoint for me.

In general, I think companies tend to go where the money is. That seems to be the simplest explanation. (In many industries, I'm sure it's more complicated.)

I don't think that's the case with Duolingo, though. 85% of their users choose an app over web. It seems like a matter of priority, to me.


Is it true that it's available on iOS but it's not on browsers? Is it a joke?


Imagine how many mistakes would be corrected if it was released on Web instead of iOS


Do I remember correctly that iOS finally got the report problem button last/this year? If not, not a lot of mistakes are going to be corrected.


iOS does have the report button. Even so, I'd imagine a lot less people are active on iOS than on Web. I only opened the app for this first time in months to have a look at the course (which, for those interested, is well-made; I just personally am not interested in Japanese).


Apparently the figure is 85% of users are accessing Duolingo via app versions. Granted, the breakdown of time spent could be quite different.


Yeah and pretty much use it only to keep the streak going. People who actually wanna learn use the web since app is just more dumbed down version of the web. Honestly this is the first time im seeing web not getting beta....i understand alpha whatever, but beta. That's not cool.


I'm certainly a web user myself, but it's trivial to make the app a perfectly challenging experience: just don't look at the word boxes at the bottom of the screen.

Although Japanese is a hard enough language that merely recognizing what's in those boxes is significant progress itself.


It's true sadly


i knew it wasnt a far-fetched reach when i said that they'll start releasing IOS-only languages. can they quit catering to a tiny part of their userbase?! this is rediculous and im infuriated!


If they are catering, there's a possibility that IOS users may be more willing to pay to go ad-free or something. But that's sheer conjecture. (And I base that only off of some general stats between the two that I saw some years back.)

But I don't think they're catering. I think IOS is probably just easier to design for (fewer variables to consider).

Regarding Japanese, Luis said they were just farther along on IOS and launched it first.

"The course will be available on Android pretty soon. We mainly were just ahead on iOS and decided to launch it there as soon as we could."

Idk why they didn't just move the beta date back and say so. I think people would have understood. But, yk.

However, I don't think they will ever have IOS-only languages.

"My inspiration for Duolingo came from my experiences growing up in Guatemala which is a very poor country. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to get a high-quality education and it changed my life. In many countries, learning English can double your income potential, but I saw that the people who most needed to learn English were also those who could least afford it. It didn’t seem fair, and that inspired Duolingo’s mission to make language education free and accessible to everyone. Eventually I would love to do this for all aspects of education so that everyone in the world, no matter how much money they have, would have access to a high-quality education through the power of technology."

85% of cell phones ruin on Android globally. That would take learning out of many people's reach, which is counter to their goals.

If that's any consolation.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/6bxr2v/i_am_luis_von_ahn_coinventor_of_captcha_recaptcha


it is some consolation, thank you.


When exactly is "coming soon" for android users?


Probably a little sooner than Soon™.


1-2 weeks, did no one read the AMA


Not everyone reads Reddit (I do but didn't know about the AMA until someone else posted it), and the original post didn't give any timeframe. I think that's why there was so much outrage, initially.


I have an Iphone so i'm not negatively affected but I have to say that it's really weak that you guys tell everyone else on launch day that it's not comming out for them. You must have known this weeks in advance. I literally counted down the days for this on my Calender and i'm sure many android/web users did the same. I'm happy to be using this but that does not make this fair at all. You should have communicated this better.


Same, it hit me right in the kokoro. Not nice.


I know it's a bit like beating a dead horse by now, but I'm a bit disappointed that I've had May 18th marked down as an "Important Date" because of the long-awaited release of the Japanese course, only to find out that I will have no sort of access to it.

Back when I originally joined DuoLingo, the two languages in which I had the most interest learning were German and Japanese. The site didn't have the latter, and it felt like it'd never be released, but then I saw it pop up on the Incubator, and I had kept close monitoring its development.

Now, we've reached the time of Beta, yet with no sort of warning at all, it's only for iOS (and later Android) for the time being? Very disappointing. Most everyone should have access to a browser, whereas that is not the case in regards to particular phone architectures.

I respect the decision of the contributors to have gone this path (though I vehemently disagree), but I cannot respect there being no sort of communication aside from the vague "not all platforms" excerpt from the updates. One could have, and I believe more reasonably assume that the "extra platforms" applied to the mobile systems rather than the standard web system.

At any rate, I hope the contributors will be working to get the web version out as soon as possible. Please don't forget about it; we've waited a long time already.


Dude, i even bought a damn cupcake with a candle to celebrate the start of the course. And i didn't even tasted it damn it. That makes me feel sad. I also had like 3 notifications on calendar, screw me.


I knew from the announcement a few days ago that "IOS only" was likely. Extremely disappointing and I do wish it had been communicated farther in advance, along with a time estimate for the wait. "Disappointed" is an understatement.

However, I do want to extend a sincere thank you to Duolingo for creating the course at all and for offering it for FREE.

I also want to give a special thanks to the team, many of whom I believe are VOLUNTEERS. I'm sure they have probably spent an unbelievable amount of time on this, and I hate for the backlash to dampen the excitement of their launch.

Well, I've only been waiting a year and half. What's a little longer? At least, that's what I'll try to keep telling myself while I wait. Lol I just wish I knew how long that would be for...

Edit: It will be 1-2 weeks, per Luis's AMA this morning. That's not so bad.


"...I hate for the backlash to dampen the excitement of their launch..."

I would have more sympathy if it was some kind of mistake, but they knew this would happen. I'm not in the worst boat because I have an Android phone, but teasing desktop users with a launch date and then saying "Oh yeah, you guys get it some time in the future." ON the supposed launch date is ridiculous. Probably one of the worst launch announcements I've heard in my life.


I don't know that its fair to say they 'knew' this would happen. It's been a pretty strong backlash. But it's a good learning point for the future.


If they have paid any attention to the forums, they 'knew' this would happen

Duolingo: We removed Immersion.
50% of the users: Bring it back!!!
The other 50%: You could've at least warned us

Duolingo: We removed Activity.
50% of the users: Bring it back!!!
The other 50%: You could've at least warned us

Duolingo: Japanese!!! Oh, and it's only for some you.
50% of the users: Yay, Japanese!!!
The other 50%: You could've at least warned us


I have done zero PR work in my life, and honestly am not that good with people. I would have warned them about this the second someone said "The iOS version is going to finish first."


Congratulations on the launch, I've only joined Duolingo recently but I know it's been a long road to get this course up and running!

Bummed it's not available on all platforms immediately but it sounds like there are lots of complex things to work out, so I'm more than happy for you to get it working properly on one platform before rolling it out to everyone. That's what beta tests are for, after all!

Eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get started via Android and the Web... may have to see if I can get my elderly iPad up and running in the meantime...


Sorry, the Japanese looks very rushed and very short. I'll just use Genki instead, sadly.


I agree that it's a REALLY short tree. Hoping they add more skills while it's in beta.


They won't be adding any more. You'll just have to wait until 2.0.


The first Genki book, I believe, takes you through JLPT 5, the same as this course. What makes you think it's rushed and short? Not arguing, just curious.


I'm guessing it's because of lack of skills, but im pretty sure they will double with the 2.0 release someday.


Oh, interesting. Since I'm on Android, I haven't really peeked at it, yet. But I wouldn't expect them to have a complete course ready, start to finish, and perfected so quickly. (Actually, I'd rather see them start with saplings and grow as we go, rather than start with a whole tree.) It's a matter of learning styles to me. I tried so hard to get into Genki, but I just couldn't.


Hmm. Interesting read, but nothing that I wouldn't expect. (It is beta, after all.) The onyomi/kunyomi pronunciation errors are a little concerning, but I'm sure they'll find a way to fix it.


The first Genki book is one of a set of two, and the books together bring you up to a "beginner" level.


Thank you for your time and all the hard work you invested into building this course! I can't wait to start learning Japanese, and I am sure that this course will make it easier than any other online tools I could use. And it's also free! :)

I don't have an iOS device, but I'm sure there is a good reason for why the other platforms are not supported yet. And this is not a big deal compared to the efforts the Duolingo team must have put into this course. I will patiently wait for the Android/Web version and I hope to be able to contribute in the beta version with a helpful feedback and identifying eventual errors.

Keep up the good work!


Finally one graceful and patient person :)


konbanwa hideki , please release on android


While I do understand that it might take more time to bring this course to different platforms I do not understand why this was not clearly communicated to us. Duolingo got up everyone's hope that the course will be available on May 18th and only now we find out that it's for iOS only first and that other platforms will be added only in a few weeks.

I'm sure that most people would have understood why it can't be released immediately on all platforms if it was just explained more in advance. It would still have been a bit disappointing to wait longer, but still better than getting hyped for weeks and then let down like this.

Good luck with the future development for this course, I hope we can see the releases for the web version and Android soon.


I agree with you and I feel the same way


This is pretty much like those kids on youtube who get a ps4/xbox for christmas just to find out that there are fresh pair of socks in the box.


For those of you without an iOS device, you can read up on what the course has to offer in detail.


Thankfully, it'll be coming to Android and web soon...


Luis says Android release in one to two weeks. Source


Thanks for that. 1-2 weeks isn't so bad. Still disappointing but more tolerable, now.


I have been waiting for this for years but I am not disappointed as the rest. I even not speak english. I wanted to try it just because I love that Language and Anime of course. But I cannot Complain it, If I waited for this for some years, some weeks or days its not too hard. Sorry I know my english is awful.


You're off to a great start with your English!


Why not just hold back release until all versions are ready? It seems kind of rude to taunt part of the community with a "It's finally here!" promo with a 'for iOS' in the small print. I don't even own any iOS devices, so this really sucks considering I've been waiting for this course since discovering duolingo.


When I will can learn it on computer?


Sometime this year.


Do you have an estimate for android release? Also, when is Chinese coming?


Luis said that Chinese should be this year, and android release will be "later".


I hope that Chinese will be soon as they will use the same system they used for Japanese, and Chinese is quite more easy with only one writing system and simpler grammar.


Luis said that how fast Chinese comes depends upon the success of Japanese. So, if you're interested in Japanese at all, you might want to try it out while you're waiting for Chinese. Just a thought. :)


I'm already going to Chinese classes, so I shouldn't overwhelm my brain with Japanese, although I will try the course to get a taste.


1-2 weeks according to the AMA for 'droid


wtf where is the web version, iOS duolingo is garbage, recognition and recall are completely different beasts


available on iOS. (Coming soon to Android, too!)

Glaring omission there...

Welp, that's disappointing. Guess I'm using the reverse course for a little while longer (only 3 to go!)


Why couldn't the developers be straight up and honest about this release from the start?? Many of us had our hopes up on that deadline and now have to wait weeks or "sometime this year" for Android and desktop. We would've been fine if we were told the releases would be in increments.


I have really enjoyed alpha testing this course. Everything I have seen so far has been a really fresh take on teaching Japanese. I think people will really enjoy it and benefit from it. ありがとうございます。


hideki wrote 4 days ago "The Japanese team currently is putting a lot of efforts in finalizing the tree. The course will launch into beta phase on May 18. Please be patient until we support the course on all platforms. Because of "something new", we'll need an extra effort to support the course on different platforms. Thank you for understanding and look forward to the Japanese course!".

So, it was known that it was iOS only at least since 4 days ago, but for some reason he decided to omit that information. I found it very curious when I read it, but I thought it might have been just poorly written. I really thought that it was going to be released on every platform on May 18th, but they needed some time to fix some issues.

In conclusion, that 67% incubation was actually accurate, only 1/3 of the platforms got it. And then trying to blame the delay on a "new something", very misleading and very disappointing. Waiting this long just to find out the very last second it won't be accessible by everyone


I'm really curious what the "something new" was.

Edit: I realize that may come across sarcastically, but I meant that I'm genuinely curious.


All lessons . . . are made up of a practical mix of vocabulary and grammar.

I'm very interested to see how (i.e. whether) users can learn that grammar without tips & notes being made available on mobile. You get the odd little note like "you used the wrong article", but it'd be impossible to make any headway (as far as actual learning goes, as opposed to just rote-learning Duo) in Norwegian and Esperanto without the tips and notes, let alone in a language which is as different to English/as difficult to teach to English speakers as Japanese is.


After waiting years, then refreshing the page every half hour yesterday, the 18th, nothing, get up excited to use it knowing US must have caught up on date and it must be finally ready now.


No app for you.

First rule of development is to manage user expectations. You can't take a language loved by nerds, walk us up the path only to slam the door so hard in our faces it feels like my nose is broken and then tell us that people with phones for the technically illiterate may enter and we have to wait outside in the cold for a few weeks.

Worst. UX. Ever.

I hope your release manager gets fired.

Still I guess you know we'll all be there on other platforms on release day anyway, so see you all back here in a few weeks.


Thank you! My biggest critique is lb the release as well. Hideki delays the release date by 3 days, about a month ago. Today the CEO did a AMA and said on android it would grey released in 1 to 2 weeks and erb some time later this year. IMO the app releases should ve ben grouped, as 85% of their traffic is through apps. But seemingly the only released in iOS first because the new features were done those 2 weeks earlier and the released what they had anyway.

Heck, the alpha was iOS exclusive!!

Marketing shouldve ben smart and taken the 2 week delay.


"I hope your release manager gets fired."

Ouch. That's a little harsh, don't you think?

I was upset and disappointed at first, too. But I can't help but think that maybe we are all overreacting a bit. This is a free program that took a lot of time and effort by many people, including those who volunteered their time, knowledge, and expertise.

The other versions are coming. It's okay to be disappointed. But I think we should be a little more grateful that it's happening at all. I mean, it's a tremendous effort by all involved, with the end result being to give us free knowledge via a fun, effective learning app.

Let's not forget that.


No it isn't harsh, when someone can't do a job so simple and it negatively impacts the good work of the people who donate their time and effort, they are in the wrong job.

Do you feel it is right that whoever is responsible for deciding the release schedule has left all the developers responding to negative criticism of an upset user base when instead they should be feeling great that they have delivered a product?

*disclaimer: I'm a developer myself, I hate release managers who can't do their job and manage user expectations.


I am also a developer... for the general web/mobile platforms. I am astonished they don't use a cross-platform development system, when they clearly want to support things cross-platform.


doumo arigatou :)

Excited to try it out on the web browser when it's officially released on it.


I continue to wait for android but i am dissapointed because i countered the days untill today and now.. I must wait. Again.


I know literally everyone has said this already, but i seriously wish this was mentioned in the "may 18th is the release date" post, as I like many others have been refreshing the page all day waiting for this to drop. In regards to the Android release, is "Soon" later this week? This month? This year? Can we get an official announcement giving an estimate?

All complaints aside from the two screenshots ive seen it looks like they did an AMAZING job and im not going to let this taint my view of the course.


I'm really thankful that you guys put so much hardwork on this so we can learn the language, but I can't help being a little disappointed to only be knowing now that the course would only be available for iOS today (and for the next few weeks apparently). It would've been nice to know that before, but regardless I'm still excited. ありがとございます


I've been following this for a while, and although it is unfortunate that it won't be released on Android or web yet, I understand some of the issues you can run across when trying to port it to several platforms. I am eagerly awaiting the android and eventual web release! Thank you all so much for the time and effort you have put into developing this course for all of us. We are all really grateful for you guys making this possible! Try not to take the negative comments on here too hard, perhaps it is best to view it as showing how much everyone is anticipating this course. I have been holding off on learning much Japanese until I can learn it through Duolingo, and it is super exciting that it is almost here!


"Try not to take the negative comments on here too hard, perhaps it is best to view it as showing how much everyone is anticipating this course."

I do hope they understand this part. The passion is a good thing, even if it's coming out negatively, at first. It is greatly desired, and they have not made a mistake with investing the time and energy they've put into it.

When I decided to learn Japanese a year and a half ago, Duolingo was the first place I thought of to turn. I was so bummed that it wasn't available. I've been practicing (and struggling) with other methods on a daily basis. Like others, I can't wait for it to come to Android. Duolingo is awesome.


I feel exactly the same way


First, I would like to congratulate the Japanese Team for the tremendous work that they accomplished. However, after reading the comments from the community, I do agree that Duolingo did make a pretty serious faux pas with this exclusive release to iOS before it is availiable on the website. Yes, I understand that they are pushing the iOS platform recently, but it is not a good thing to fragment your demographic, especially since we are essentially all capable of using the website and not have to worry about what operating system our phone has.

The only good I can see of this is if the Japanese release is some form of Beta testing for releasing future courses on the app, otherwise I am disappointed in Duolingo for not releasing the Japanese course on the website PLUS testing it in tandem with the iOS app.


Serves me right for getting my hopes up. I'll go back to my books and cds.


I'm excited for this to be added for web browser and android. I was checking the site all day not realizing that it's only released for ios T_T. I don't really understand why they would choose to release it via ios first and not via the website, which more people have access too, but it is free so I'll try to be patient.


By the way, Japanese elementary school students learn 1006 kanjis! And they learn 80 kanjis in the first grade!

1st grade:80 2nd grade:160 3rd grade:200 4th grade:200 5th grade:185 6th grade:181 (kanjis)


Thanks for making the course and I'm really looking forward to an Android/Web version. In the mean time, it hope some iOS user can make a video demonstrating it or something.

@hideki Maybe change the discussion title to "Japanese for iOS users", because many Android/Windows users seem disappointed when they open this discussion.


Is there even a rough time-frame for roll-out on Android and web? All we have is "the coming weeks" and "soon".


The AMA said "1-2 weeks" and it's already been over a week since then, so... any day now? Can't understand why they could commit to a date for a clearly unfinished course for iOS but won't do it for Android. Frustrating.


Maybe apple is putting some money here to force android users to switch OS ..... Very dirty movements here.


AMA said 1-2 weeks, but the update to this one says "a few". So, not sure. Hope it's not too much longer.


Wow!!! SO exciting!


At first I was confused why it wasn't introduced on the website but after reading blog post I now understand that it required some new development in the current system and it is understandable that it would take time for them to develop the same features for other platforms such as Android and web as well.


I have IOS but I can't access to the japanese course :(


App updated?


Yes! It was that xD silly me


You need to update the app from the app store.


Wii!! You were totally right! Thank you! I didn't thought about it


Thank you to the Japanese team. The course is fantastic so far (it must be to be keeping me this hooked). Praise goes out to all of you!



Thanks so much for this! I tried out the first Hiragana lesson on my phone and am loving it so far. I've tried learning Japanese with other methods before, but none of them really stuck. I have successfully used Duolingo with other languages and was eagerly awaiting this course so that I could use the Duolingo method that works for me with a language I've never been able to learn properly. I realize Duolingo alone won't get me to fluency, but it's helping provide a solid framework, especially for the hiragana characters. To the people who made this course, I can't thank you enough!


I've had a look at the course on my regular account rather than the alpha tester one and you guys have really done some nice things with those first few modules! I also definitely retained what I've been learning testing as I was able to do some nice testing out of several sections. It's really looking great. Extremely well done. :)


This is so exciting!


I'm very happy that there is finally a Japanese course - thank you guys so much for your hard work! I will not be taking the course now, although I was one if the people who've been hoping and waiting for it for years, since I recently started learning Chinese and those two languages would certainly prove too much for my brain to handle at the same time. :-) But I will certainly try the course at some point in the near future. Thank you!


I've been searching the Duolingo Incubator every single day for a month, because I couldn't help myself. Thank you so much for working so hard to give us this language. I do hope people of all devices and platforms get it soon, because honestly, this is Duolingo Christmas.


Will you be adding more Kanji in time once the bugs/beta is ironed out? It'd be nice to have the bulk of the joyo kanji eventually. But that's a tall order too.


I have to admit, after being super hyped for this release, mainly to try and help my rusty grammar, I'm disappointed it's currently mobile-only (although I do have iOS so that's not my complaint).

I hear tell that's the more popular way to use Duo, but I'm almost exclusively a web user and find using the mobile version makes everything approximately 1000000% more tedious.

Thank you for finally releasing Japanese, I appreciate the hard work... but I guess it'll be a while yet before I can get genuinely excited about it. Alas.

Edit: Okay, it's possible (if likely not intentional) to access it from the web after adding it on mobile, I'm satisfied. Bitching retracted.


Wait. What the hell? It's possible to access it on a browser? So the iOS thing is arbitrary?


THANK YOU DUOLINGO!!!! I just want to express my gratitude to everyone at Duolingo for making a Japanese course and offering it to the world free of charge. I find Duolingo is really leaps ahead of other apps when it comes to self learning, and I can't wait to practise with it :)


This makes sense, considering stroke order. Can't wait for the next stage of release! An exact date for Android would be nice, but overall, this is great to finally see this done!


Saying "Japanese will be available in May for iOS and for other platforms later" wouldnt have hurt. As a person who doesn't have a phone that costs around 3 times my rent, I'm kinda upset. Everyone has a browser, not an apple device.


Maybe they're releasing it like this to A: Get a better idea of the numbers to expect when web comes out so their servers don't get overwhelmed and crash in the first 5 minutes after launch and B: So the web version won't be as buggy when it's first launched thanks to the additional beta testing. They still could've warned us more clearly though.


I am in umber. I download the app to learn japanese and korean only to find out you have neither. I decide to keep the app due the release date only to find that the release date was for the ios only. I spent all day in anticipation only to find out you guys can't even handle organizing basic information. I will be purchasing Memrise today, they have every language in the same game format, as well as colledge level subjects.

Good day.


I'm sick of reading announcements for this and that "great" new thing - but soooorry, exclusively for iOS.... I don't have iOS. Not everyone has iOS, and not everyone has Android. But - surprise! - everyone has a webbrowser! Isn't that fantastic? It is possible to develop a thing once, on the web, for everyone to use!


Seriously, at least tell people in advance it's only going to be available for an elitist niche system, not for us unwashed masses that have "only" Android/Web at our disposal ;) Then we don't get our hopes up, only to be sidelined for an indeterminate amount of time (bots).


@FilipFilip17 posted a link to a Reddit AMA below. Luis said Japanese on Android is 1-2 weeks away. Not too horrible. :)

Now if only we'd hear about chatbots and Tiny Cards. Lol ;)

Edit: Source https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/6bxr2v/i_am_luis_von_ahn_coinventor_of_captcha_recaptcha/dhqcu5t/


1-2 weeks?? Ouch. Wish they said something about it up front.


Me, too. But at least we know it's coming.


Wish they didn't charge so much, oh wait.


That is certainly, GWAllen, a matter of cultural variation, but I might be loath to invite you to dinner, if you were so hostile about the free food or the timeliness of dessert. I would, of course, invite kindly constructive criticism of my cooking, as I have generally found Duolingo teams to do. On these release schedules in general, I certainly would not plan anything around them, so it is no real loss to me when a release date is not met.


That's an argument that makes me grind my teeth every time I hear it. Doing something for free isn't a justification for doing it poorly or for miscommunicating about what it is you're doing. If you're going to do something then do it well no matter how much you decide to charge for it.


I have windows phone... Dang, I'll have to wait for its web version to be released. :(


Like WP8/8.1 or Win10 Mobile? The Win10 app works on PC and mobile. Hopefully Japanese will come to it.


Win10. Thank you, I'll check it out for sure! :)


It's amazing considering this is a free service.


In this official communication 3 days ago, they didn't say "iOS" but mentioned it was not going to be on all platforms.

And alpha-test having been done only in iOS, it was (unfortunately) likely that iOS will be the only platform having it at first.


It's not great that they told us that 3 days ago, all this time there was a Japanese course in the incubator, which was highly anticipated and then at the last minute they tell us it was only for certain users


It's not great that they told us that 3 days ago

Never said the contrary...


Hi, do you really speak so many languages? wow, do you have some blog with tips for learning?


I don't have a blog, my best advice would be to not stick to one website, learn in as many places as possible. I would give more advice but I don't want to flood the post with unrelated comments, hope that helps a bit though.


WHOA. I'm in awe. Color me inspired!


Seriously .This is free. Get over yourself.


People can still get upset about a free thing? My secondary education was free, so if I had the worst education ever I'm not allowed to complain?


While I agree that the existence of such a forum means criticism of the program is acceptable, indeed probably even useful for the developers, your comparison is not apt. The reason most people consider it polite to complain about your public education, but not the sweater Grandma knitted you for Christmas, is that your parents did pay for it. Indeed, they would have been forced to pay for it, even if you had not attended that school. If Duolingo were funded principally through taxation, there would be a lot more things I would complain about.


I still love Duolingo. But they're not the best when it comes to Japanese or Korean. I just learned about this from Reddit.. there's a new app called LingoDeer, that's providing grammar notes and offline learning for Chinese, Japanese and Korean! Bam... everything I wanted from Duolingo is now there. It's even completely free, no ADs! I'd say go get it now before it starts showing ads and asking for subscription!


Domoarigato! I will give it a try.


I've been waiting patiently, too. I speak Japanese conversationally, having studied it in college, and this day could not come soon enough. Now I see that I can't actually access the course. Giant letdown. What happened to courses being released on the website first?


What happened to courses being released on the website first?

JA<-EN is an exception to the rule.


"JA<-EN is an exception to the rule." <- I'm fine with IOS getting it first but I wish this would have been made clear before release day. Waiting until today to announce it's IOS exclusive has no doubt left plenty of people, myself included, feeling disappointed. I'm still happy and grateful that Japanese is coming to Duolingo for everyone... eventually.


but I wish this would have been made clear before release day

Me too.


Portofan, They're probably going to add Computer Eventually. I just wish that they released everything at the same TIME!.


Thisssssssssss. Its so lame lol


I'm on iOS and I can't see it


I'm on iOS and I can't see it

Did you update your iOS app?

Have a look to mariakathe24's and Yufeng_Ling's (older) comments about the same 'issue" in this same discussion.


Nvm I didn't look properly


You do realize that this is free right? Or are you paying? If so, you should complain about that. Be more entitled, could you?


Some people do pay, actually? There IS a store. And also a free thing wouldn't grow and change without criticism. Shut it.


Can't wait to be able to speak a little with my Japanese friend!


Will it be available on the Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10 desktop and phone), too?


I see why the course isn't ready for the web. The early lessons only introduce one or two words, require little typing in Japanese, and don't have the hiragana cards like the mobile version does.

Hopefully the Duolingo dev team can work the hiragana into the web version soon!


Later skills (I've done a quarter of the tree on the web) actually have far more typing into the target langauge than any other tree I've seen on Duolingo, although there are still some funky lessons with only one or two "sentences" where the app version is introducing new characters and the like.


By checking the numbers of people who give feedback on the apps, iOS probably a much smaller user population. Perhaps they're trying to try things out without flooding the user pool. Regardless, it is still really frustrating.


While it's true fewer users overall use iOS to Android, reviews/feedbacks are a poor way to judge it. iOS review numbers change every time there's an update (you need to select to view all ratings, not just the most recent), and it doesn't count reviews in different languages/from different stores (e.g. downloading Duolingo from the Spanish App Store will show the ratings in Spain versus downloading Duolingo in the US App Store showing ratings in the US). And finally, there's absolutely no filter on the Google Play Store, so even people who don't own the app can review, whereas iOS requires you have downloaded/purchased an app.

So there's a big difference in how review numbers on the two stores are handled and thus regardless of userbase, it's just not a great barometer to go by.


For those of us on Android, what does Soon (TM) mean? A few hours, days, weeks? Really excited for this, so I'd love to know!


Any idea how long it will take before the android version? Or for that matter a website version? An estimated time of arrival would be nice...


Why didn't it come out on web first??? It always comes out on web first. By the time I can do the DuoLingo Japanese tree, I'll probably have spent enough time learning enough Japanese to rank out of the Beta tree.


That's the real question. I understand alpha on iphone...whatevver, but beta. That's not cool.


I agree! Duolingo should have more control over the website than the app, so the website should get updates before the app. Actually, why weren't they all released at the same time?


Thank you VERY MUCH! Hideki. Domo arigato gozaimasu! And for you all guys, be thankful for having Japanese as a Duolingo Course instead of complaining so hard for waiting 2 weeks more. Respect the hard work of Hideki and start learning that from the Japanese culture.


I think the biggest issue was that when the announcement was originally posted, there was no timeframe listed at all, and there was a definite fear that this was going the way of the bots and Tiny Cards.

However, I agree with you. Was just explaining for anyone who visited this post later.


How long do you think it'll be until the web course is launched? Do you think they'll expand it at some point to cover the JLPT N4 as well? Maybe even the N3? I want to be as fluent as possible.


N4, no more than that


Hideki, thank you so much for all your hard work to get this out on iOS a day before your estimate. It's frustrating either way - if the course comes out on the web first, you can't practice wherever you are; if it comes out on iOS first, there are no grammar notes, so you have to do your own research. If you are eagerly waiting for Japanese and don't have iOS then you can at least get started learning Hiragana with TinyCards. I also found this website useful - run it on Chrome as it uses flash - http://www.csus.edu/indiv/s/sheaa/projects/genki/hiragana-timer.html


Phones have web browsers too. Duolingo seems to work really well on Google Chrome mobile browser. So wouldn't we still be able to practise wherever we are if it had only been released on web? ^^;


This website: http://realkana.com/ is also useful. You can learn and practice the Hiragana and Katakana there.


Congratulations! Thank you very much for the wonderful job =]. I tried several earlier skills, and I really liked the way Kana was presented. For an online gamefied system, I believe the thematic approach used was extremely adequate. I really appreciated the choice to replace Rōmanji with Higarana and Furigana early on, too. Personally, I would have used more phrases and Kanji at the beginning, but there would be pros and cons to this choice, and I understand why it was rejected. This way, at least, the tree is prone to be easier and probably more likely to achieve popular success, and that is always a good thing. I think the final result was a great middle term between more immersive and more accessible approaches to teaching Japanese.

My only major issue with the current tree is its short length. To cover a similar amount of content to that covered by other trees, I think it would have to be at least two times longer. Even so, as it is, it already covers JLPT N5, which is a good start, especially for those that never studied it before. I'm curious, however; does anybody know if there are plans to expand it in future versions? I would really hope so, but, either way, the present tree is amazing already. Thank you once again for this great learning experience!


Yes, im pretty sure when they make 2.0 it will get people to N4.


Thanks to everyone who got this out there so quickly. Starting to do some business with Japanese partners at work these days so the timing is good.

A couple small criticisms on the course so far: 1) Skills weaken WAY too quickly. When I get 100% correct without peeking, it's still no longer good the next day. At this rate I can't even keep the tree gold doing 8-10 practice sessions per day. This is not the case with other languages on Duolingo, and it's frustrating. 2) Probably because it's iOS-only, there is a lack of instruction to help the learner understand what they're actually saying. Sometimes there are little structural particles in the sentence that I have no clue why I'm using them, and sometimes there are whole sequences of hiragana [きではありません] where there's no granular information given on what the components mean. This makes it necessary to just memorize long kana sequences without really understanding anything.

The latter may be a greater issue with the Duolingo app where no guidance can be given on mobile. I hope they fix this.

Interesting language though! It's the ultimate challenge. Two long alphabets and then they add Chinese characters on top of that. Seems like the hardest language I've tried to learn, beating out Polish, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, Hindi, Mandarin, etc.


It'll be very interesting to see how this works. I've tried the reverse tree with Japanese->English, but when getting to the higher levels the translations get more and more contrived. I eventually gave up because it was too frustrating. Definitely one of the issues with ENG<=>JPN is that so little of the languages map nicely onto each other, but forcing the pluperfect (using しまっていた) and definite articles (using その) into Japanese is just wrong, especially when translating その as 'that' is marked as incorrect. I hope English->Japanese isn't quite so artificial.


Just out of curiosity, and believe me I am trying to be as graciously patient as I possibly can, I wanted to know if there is any concrete update on when it will be made available on Android and web?


Hello all, while their communication could have been much better on the matter, we need to realize that these 3 releases are written in 3 different coding languages, so one team may have run into bugs/issues or it simply took longer to write in that language, or that team may have even been smaller!

I also wish I had known the ios release was first, and while I think that that platform is the least helpful among the 3 for everyone, again, perhaps it was just finished first in the coding realm.


Can't wait to learn Japanese on my Android phone ^^


Some of us don't really mind if it's not complete, but access to the web version would help at least in some way. If nothing else we can highlight problems with the English translations.


For those interested in the Android release: see official announcement "Japanese for Android Rollout Starting Today!" made by staff few minutes ago.


Yeeeeeyy!!! :D


While I am saddened that I wasn't warned the initial release would be completely unusable by me (at least not warned here on the Duolingo updates, I don't know about anywhere else), I am excited that this next step has been taken! I can't wait until I can access it on my android/desktop.... just please be forthright in future communications, so as not to unnecessarily get people's hopes up too soon.

Good luck with the beta testing, and thank you for all your hard work!


When will it be available on the normal web browser? I don't have iOS either, or Android either...and I was waiting so long for this day! Bummer.


As someone who had this date marked on their calendar for about a week eagerly counting down the days and refreshing the incubator page every hour, I feel totally blindsided that only now do we find out the beta will be for iOS only for the time being until the Android and Web versions come out.

This seems like such an important detail to just throw in last minute as it severely limits who's going to be using the beta course. If it was intentional to use the smaller market first, I would have liked to know this way in advance.

BUT I'm not one to hold a grudge so I'll keep my bitterness in check going forward being sure not to get my hopes up again and also hope this site will offer more precise communication in the future to avoid disappointing many eager fans (especially after acknowledging that this is the most requested course among all of the courses).

Back to occasionally checking for updates.


So I'm just wondering how much time it will take to become andriod available


So it's not coming out for computers today then?


どうもありがとう :)


Well done! Thanks a lot!


Fastest language launch in duo history I think.. now if only korean can hurry thafuck up lol


It was fast but still 20-30 days off the record: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Language_course


LOVE IT! Thank you!


I found this quote today in the Forbes article and thought, Uh Oh! "In fact, the course includes all of the vocabulary and grammar needed to pass the JLPT N5, a proficiency test that I personally took two years of Japanese classes in order to pass." I have finished learning N5 and am currently learning N4, will this course be of use to me? I wish to also continue on to N3 and beyond! I am an android user, so I cannot check yet.


Thank you for all your hard work!!


Thanks for all your hard work, Hideki! My dream is to go to the Tokyo Olympics, and my goal is to know at least conversational japanese by then. Arigatou gozaimasu!


So excited this is coming out! I downloaded it for iOS. And it is pretty fun. One big issue though is that when you are selecting Japanese words for an answer. The audio says "ha" when you select the particle "は". This should be fixed given it used in like every Japanese sentence.


How many skills are in the skill tree? I've heard the tree is very short, and only covers the JLPT N5.


I believe someone said 39. But if it covers up to N5, that's a good beginning. That's a whole textbook's worth of knowledge. Might not be as useful to those of us who've been studying for a while, but it's a solid start.


Thank you for all the hard works, I appreciate it. Keep up the good work! :)


Why are the IOS People always first? I feel like duolingo sometimes really doesn't care much aabout the android users. Why not just wait those extra weeks for the IOS People aswell and rellease it at the same time then? We have allready waited so long anyway ... But no, IOS people are pulled in front of the waiting line


I think hidekimasu. :) get it ?


So what?

You posted a launch date which not will happen. Are you paid by apple to boost their sales?

This kind of betraying, this unkind of communicational behaviour is very very dishonourable.

I hope you work hard instead of taking the Japanese consequences...


Are there any plans to develop it further and go beyond A1-JLPT 5?


I guess with 2.0 we could get N4, no more than that.


When will the course teach past N5? That is the lowest level of the test and not anywhere near conversational in skill level.


I guess with 2.0 we could get N4, no more than that. Which is:

Elementary Level: The ability to understand basic Japanese. Reading

One is able to read and understand passages on familiar daily topics written in basic vocabulary and kanji.


One is able to listen and comprehend conversations encountered in daily life and generally follow their contents, provided that they are spoken slowly.


N5 is not much use. Still, it is a stepping stone on the road to really learning Japanese. With only ~90 kana (phonetic characters) and ~100 kanji (Chinese characters), it's not going to be much use in the real world. BUT, I have to at least give props for teaching to that level and not settling for writing everything in romaji. 俺なんてには、この課程が役に立たないと思うけど、初心者にはもう便利そうです。


iOS is a minority. Why are you releasing this on the less ussed Operating System?

Why not first on the most way spreaded OS?

What is going on here? Are you nutts?


As a Japanese learner of many years, I understand how difficult this task must have been. This is a great achievement. Thank you!

These folks that feel like victims because they have to wait a couple weeks longer to take advantage of your hard work, they should probably shut up and be patient.

Android user here, and I look forward to seeing what you folks cooked up. Thanks again


We're not upset because we have to wait, not entirely. We are upset because we weren't notified about this and we had our hopes up for a long time. A "this will only be availbale for iOS in May" warning would've been great.


I hope the developers don't read this thread. The internet community doesn't deserve a free language course.

Thought humankind was further than this...


I get what you're saying, and people may be a bit ungrateful, but they definitely have reason. We weren't warned about this, and everyone had their hopes up


Yay! Japanese! The only big problem is... too few kanji. 100 isn't nearly enough. Maybe you could teach more through bonus skills...


That's geat I'm excited but I have a question. Right now it is at the most basic level for the JLPT, N5. Will there be improvements and added material for levels higher than the N5 added sooner/ in the near future??


under the level N 3 is totally a frustration.fortunately i have learned japanese before.


I'm so happy the Japanese course was released! I love this language so much, thank you so much Japanese team!


Hi, thanks for creating the course. I would like learn Japanese, and I have already tried with Memrise, but only Memrise isn't enough for my brain. But with Doulingo it'll be great. So continue with the great job.


Hey Japanese team, I can't wait until it's released on Android or Web! I'll totally help out as much as I can by posting feedback. You all deserve it :D


I have iOS but I don't see this listed?


Hallelujah, I've been waiting for Japanese.


Thanks very much for all your hard work. I'm really enjoying the Japanese course, I can't imagine all the challenges your team had to overcome bringing this to fruition.


why does the version on the web take so long?


Will the Japanese course also be making it to the Windows UWP app? I'd hate to have to switch between web and my phone just for one language, even if it /is/ Japanese.


Hoping it comes to android fast


It's been like 6 years since I actually studied Japanese and I can still barely recognize the hiragana. Relearning should be a breeze.


so... when will it be out for everyone?


When will a desktop version be available?


I just received an email today from Duolingo saying that Japanese is here, and the email has "konnichiwa" written in hiragana incorrectly as こんにちわ instead of こんにちは. Not a great way to make an announcement in incorrect Japanese...


The announcement itself is ridiculous. It released on iOS five weeks ago, started rollout on Android three weeks ago, and should have completed the rollout two weeks ago.

The email says nothing about which devices it's for... It says "NEW! Japanese", as if this is something new, and is next to "NEW! Romanian" (a phase 3 course + actually available on web...). But, alas, Japanese still is phase 1 on the incubator page, saying course unavailable on web. _

↑ (screen shot of that email)


When is Japanese even coming on PC?


It's been 3 months since mobile version rollout and still no new about web version? Oh, come on, guys! You're got to be kidding!


I have been using the Japanese course and am really enjoying it. I have been waiting for this course and was excited to discover it on my Android phone. Learning to speak and read Japanese are two different skills and combining the two is very challenging. Right now there is no mic input so I have not been practicing speaking as much as reading. For me, I would like Romanji as an option for speaking practice as it takes so long for my brain to recognize the characters and then remember how to pronounce them. At least for beginners, it would not be so overwhelming. I have had the privilege of living in Japan many years ago so I am not starting from scratch and find that I remember some of the language and alphabets. Can't wait to have it on my laptop as well as my phone. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Now, if only I could write Japanese, which is a third skill, of course.


...Are you kidding me?

Perhaps one of the most highly requested courses on Duolingo is finally released... but it's only available for iOS devices.


Due to some of the many reasons it has been tricky to make it at all, after alpha testing it, I can see why they couldn't just put it out on everything at once. Once you see it, it will likely make a lot more sense. I mean, it's a really solid course, but it doesn't even make sense in web format yet. If it's ready in one format, they may as well make that available so as to get as much beta testing in as they can as they prepare it for the other 3 formats.


Wait? Where's Romanian?


I have been waiting for this for months, but I can't find it on my iOS or website yet...


but I can't find it on my iOS

Did you update your iOS app?


Oh, I didn't. But I am updated now. Thanks for your help :)




Thank you!

Whatever platform you started with, I'm excited this is becoming a reality! Does lagging implementation on Android have anything to do with some of the technical hurdles (sometimes awful unicode rendering, wide spread of development targets, etc)?

Course developers, your work is appreciated!


will the web version be released in this decade its still at 67%


I am so looking forward to the beta coming to Android! Until then, I shall try my MOST AWESOME BEST to keep my 15 day old French streak going.

My most successful attempt at brushing up on it, so far. :p


お疲れ様 でした


AWESOME !! 14 year old son is VERY excited to see this.


I am waiting for it.


Thank you for making this. However, I can't seem to get it. The course still shows 67% complete (I'm using an iPad). Has anyone else experienced this? I would apreciate if you would look into this.


I can't seem to get it. The course still shows 67% complete (I'm using an iPad).

Are you using the app or the mobile website?
I ask because since you refer to the percentage completion, it seems you may be using the (mobile) website and not the app.

  • If you use the former, it's normal that you don't see it: it's only available on iOS app.
  • If you use the later, did you update the app?


Thanks, needed to update the app. :D


I'm so ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ annoyed IOS comes first before anything else. Like Tinycards "Yeah sure, first start with the posh people who have enough money to spend on a Iphone and ipad, they are the important ones!. Then we'll go about the mundane people, the poor people who cannot afford and they have a smartphone. or wait, even worse, they use the web sharing ideas and helping out people.

OMG. I hated Tinycards because of this. It took too much time to get it release via web (like two three months? are you kidding me?) that I'm never using it for life. You're super happy friend with IOS and do not give a shit about web or android users? FINE, I do not care about you either.

Really, I don't know what's wrong with Duolingo's thinking but they can't just stop letting web users down again and again.


Don't worry if you're missing out on it, guys. The Japanese in beta is currently garbage with some really terrible translations and limited content, and the jumble of hiragana/kanji is awfully balanced.

In fact, there are several cases just now I got answers wrong for using "I" instead of "you" when there was absolutely no pronoun used in the Japanese. So, don't worry. Give it at least 6 months.


They specifically said they need people to report what should have been accepted (Are you doing that?). They are giving us the core course. We need to help fill it in a bit. That's partly what the beta is for. Personally, I probably have an amount of knowledge now that I'm not expecting the content to be new to me, but the practice and method of learning is valuable. (And if it truly goes up to JLPT 5, that's a good, solid foundation for beginners.) Also, I want to help fill in those gaps. They're giving us a great gift with this tree, but we have to help it grow, too.


3 Years ive been waiting for this...... FINALLY :) and..... i have an android -_- well good game.....


Everyone whining about free education that is not immediately available for everyone, seriously. Take it easy!




i have not japanese yet why


Now I can finally watch anime without english subtitles!


Can people just calm down. Stop complaining that it is only for iOS. The post says android and web will be out soon. Is it so hard to just wait a few weeks? And don't blame the people working on the courses... it's not their fault. They're making a course for Japanese on a platform that was designed for the romance languages. They're doing the best they can with what they have available... it's a miracle it's possible on iOS. If you wanna blame somebody, it would be the duolingo developers for making the technology to make a course for the Japanese language only available on the iOS. But not the course developers, they're doing everything they can.


I've been using it for two weeks and I'll post my observations. I am sure some are duplicates. Sorry.

First, let me say thanks for putting this out there. It's been a great addition to Japanese learning for my son and for me.

When I visit the comment section, including this comment, duolingo told me Japanese is not available on the web. I have to reset my language to something else like German, and then reenter the forums. I have to do this every time I visit the forms if I've been doing Japanese at all.

For some reason many of the Japanese characters and fragments don't give their pronunciation when you're dragging them into the window to construct sentences. Most of them do, but some don't. This leaves a gap in the learning experience. I'm not sure if it's a bug or content that just hasn't been added yet. It seems like missing content because it's always the same words consistently.

It's a shame that there isn't any speech recognition for Japanese yet. I found it useful in German and Spanish, even if it's not a perfect indicator that you're speaking with a proper accent. It's at least a good exercise to make you move your mouth and make the sounds. :)

The health bars decay way too quickly. I'm doing practice every day and I'm only at level eight, but because it starts me at the simplest level I am constantly practicing the first four here Agana sections. I realize that the Japanese seems to be on an older part of the software platform, but this is by far my biggest complaint. Please, have The practice feature find your least recently practiced but completed lesson. Don't start it back at the beginner lesson every time just because the bar is artful. It becomes very repetitive and a lot less useful. Given the changes to other languages, I guess this complaint would probably go away when Japanese moves ahead to the more current format.

Again, thanks for this wonderful new tool for learning Japanese. I appreciate it very much, and I hope you take my comments in the spirit in which they are intended.


AHHHH, it's for ios...that explains why I can see it on one tab but not the other. Thanks.


Japanese course for android has finally started! I'm very happy!!! Hooray!!! Many thanks!!!


This is fantastic!! Definitely worth the wait!!!


So it says it's available on iOS and android, but I can't find it?


On Android, it simply comes up on the list of possibilities, when you hit "add a language" at the bottom of the list of languages you are studying. If it doesn't, maybe you need to update the app.


Has there been any further information about when this course is going to be available on the web? I really want to try it but I can't access it until it's available there.




(first forum post here. Anyways...)

I think this is a nice way to start off the Japanese beta. Now how long do you think it will be before they release speaking exercises? ... and bots for that matter?


Thank you so very much!!!! I am so grateful for all of the work that went into this course. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


I'm still trying to learn Japanese so tell me if this is right I'm going to say Hello My Name is (Name) こんにちわ わたし わ りあ です


Hello! That's close, but there are a few minor mistakes. In some 'set phrase' words, the WA sound is really the は particle. The WA sound following わたし is also the particle は. The は particle makes the topic (but not necessarily the subject) of the sentence, conversation, etc.

Fixing those tiny mistakes, you would have: こんにちは、わたし は りあ です。

Hope that helps. Good luck in your Japanese studies! 頑張ってね!


Along with these changes, you're technically saying "Hello, I am ria".


Indeed. Colloquially, this is used to give your name in a less formal way. You'll also sometimes see people say things like わたし の なまえ は name です。 This is more literally, "my name is xx". Less formal Japanese often chooses to omit more specific clauses, as this is understood by context.

If you're in a slightly more formal situation (introductions at school in front of a class, at a job, with superiors), you could say something like: 「name」と もうします。

This is something akin to saying "I am called 'name'." or "You may call me 'name'." It is the keigo (polite Japanese) equivalent of 「name」と いいます。I don't hear people use 「と いいます」though. In situations that aren't formal, people would just use です instead.

While です is more polite than using だ, introductions are polite enough that using です is still fairly casual.



ik... It's kind of the same thing but whatever thx


Old thread, but I've been seeing a lot of correction approval activity etc in the past few weeks. If any of the course maintainers read through here, keep up the good work! I'm sure it seems like a thankless task at times, but I feel like the course has been maturing a lot! Thank you for your continued efforts.


Im trying to do my best at Duo, its so great they'd finally included Japanese, one of favorite languages, and one of my goals to speak fluently.

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