I wish I could craft my own daily review.

Hello. I am a long-time user of Duolingo. One of the things that I firmly believe in when it comes to study habits is "study what you don't know." Sure, it is good to reinforce things you already know, but on Duolingo there is too much of this when you are strengthening skills (esp. when your tree is all gold).
When you keep doing "strengthen skills" after completing your tree you will notice that a lot of phrases appear way more often than others. A lot of times I come across new phrases when I am reviewing. I ask myself, how come I've never seen this phrase before (I've been using the program a lot)? Is it a new phrase they've just entered? No. There are 4-5 comments from months or years ago. How come these few people got to this question and not me in all this time spent here? To me, it seems like there is something a little broken with the frequency in which items appear. Maybe this is an issue, but regardless, an answer to this may not be what I'm really looking for here.

It would be nice to have more customization as to what you are going to review. I have a few ideas as to how this could be implemented. First, is a rating system for phrases. I find "Hello, and welcome" too easy so I will rate this phrase 1/10. Then I find "He is the only one who needs to move" pretty tricky so I will rate it 8/10. When I go to review on Duolingo I could choose to review a difficulty of 7 and up, or 1-5, and so on. Another way of customizing your lesson plan could be to add phrases to a favorite list, or "mark" them for review, and then have an option to review only those phrases. One final way could be to publish a (categorized) list of phrases/words and you could tick them individually to add them to a review.
To conclude I would just like to add that my way of solving my own problem thus far has been to take screen captures of difficult phrases and save the pictures to a folder on my PC. That way I can just review what I want. It would be cool if I could just customize more here, though. I think a lot of users would like this too. What do you think?

May 18, 2017


I definitely like the idea of marking certain phrases to review later, the ones I have difficulty with. For me, rating each phrase would become tedious, so maybe an opt-out for that? I would like the early lessons to become harder as you strengthen them. I am learning Spanish so would find it more challenging to translate the phrases from English to Spanish, rather than having what appears to be the same phrases presented every time, most of the time requiring me to translate from Spanish to English, which at that level is not a challenge at all.

May 19, 2017

I believe that when new features are added, nothing should be taken away and this sort of thing would be opt-in.

May 23, 2017

and also, I think I agree, marking phrases for review might be the best option.

May 23, 2017
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