Good news for iOS users!

The long-awaited Japanese course has been released in Beta on iOS! Unfortunately, us Android users have to wait a little longer, but congrats to the Japanese team!

FYI, it's not released on the computer yet, just the mobile iOS.

May 18, 2017


It is available on browser, I have been using it.

May 18, 2017

Were you an Alpha tester for the course? What link did you use to get started?

I saw someone mention that after using the course on their iPhone, it unlocks on the web.

Pretty typical of Duolingo really.

Precisely, if you use it on your iPhone, you have access to the web browser version.

No i was not an alpha tester, if you have an iPhone you can access the web browser version.

I use Duolingo on browser (Mozilla) and it shows me "Japanese hatching 67%". No idea how you could use it on a computer browser? :o

Yeah I just checked my browser (Android) and it still says "Hatching"

I believe my account is synced with the Japanese course (as I am going through the Japanese course on my iPhone), that's probably why I can access it on my browser.

However, I should add, there are no notes in any of the lessons at the moment, so it is purely guess work =]

Another issue is I have no Japanese keyboard at the moment, so I am having to use a different website which is pretty frustrating.


You don't need a Japanese keyboard. You can use the iOS keyboard or on Windows/Linux/Mac change the keyboard settings to Japanese and switch between English and Japanese. Very simple. It's already installed.

Thank you, i'll look into it!

Do you know hiragana already? Not knowing it, I found it essentially unusable, that apart from the two and three "sentence" lessons.

I'm literally going over Hiragana over and over and over again. Repetition is key at the moment. I won't move on to other lessons until I know all of them off by heart.


The Hiragana lessons in the browser just repeat the same two or three words over and over for me. Is what you're seeing different? Certainly agreed that the hiragana lessons on the app are great.

Yeah exactly the same for me. I prefer it on mobile at the moment.

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