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Why isn't Japanese on PC, and when do you think we'll get it on here?

I recently just saw Duo's post on fb about Japanese, but was shocked when I logged onto my PC and it was only 67% done. When do you think it'll come out on PC?

May 18, 2017




I can already tell that there are two problems hindering the launch of the course on desktop.

Problem One: There is a lack of Tips and Notes. Hopefully, the team has already been working on them so this could be overcome shortly.

Problem Two: Sentence errors are most likely very abundant in the early stages of the course, and once these are ironed out, the desktop version would come soon after.

I hope this helps!


probably in a month but I really hope it will come out sooner


Yes, I'm also wondering why only on iOS and not android and web


You can start learning on PC already if you really want to and change the HTML. I just tested out of the first two legs on PC.


How do you do that?

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